Men's Barbour Accessories



Barbour Accessories for Men

Timeless style marries exceptional function in every one of our Barbour accessories for men. We are proud to offer this collection, created by a brand with an esteemed history nearly as long as our own. Since 1894, Barbour has designed outerwear, apparel and accessories of the highest quality for the sophisticated outdoorsman, striving for and achieving a standard not often found in modern apparel. Each piece is classic, with an undeniable air of dignified self-possession. Barbour accessories lend any outfit a sense of refinement that can elevate your entire look. You might begin with a pair of well-worn twill trousers and a favourite old jumper. Add one of our Barbour hats for men, and in an instant the ensemble is pulled together, effortlessly communicating a distinctive impression. A well-made accessory makes for an adroitly appointed look. Barbour hats come in a range of styles suitable for different seasons, so you can have just the right piece on hand, whatever the weather. As fine as each of these pieces may be in appearance, their good looks are matched by their comfortable performance. These items are crafted from materials of the highest quality, to help you maintain the ideal level of warmth and breathability throughout the year. We have pairs of Barbour gloves that will complement your style and keep your fingers warm as toast on even the coldest days. The lighter designs will be your favoured pairs during transitional weather, allowing you to stay comfortable without compromising your dexterity, or your outfit. During those days when the weather seems to change in an instant, Barbour scarves make all the difference, lending a sophisticated touch to any look whilst providing versatile protection from the chill. Whatever the season, every outfit deserves a hint of Barbour’s luxury. Shop our collection of Barbour accessories to find the accent for any ensemble.