Scarves & Gloves for Men


Gloves and Scarves for Men

Add a touch of comfortable refinement to your look with our men’s gloves and scarves. Cold weather can disturb your sense of comfort, and your sense of style, but with the right accessories, you can keep both intact. We offer an excellent variety of gloves for men, with leather, wool, and fingerless styles in addition to others, making it easy to have just the right pair for any temperature, ensemble, and activity. Ranging from hard-wearing to refined, every pair provides terrific comfort along with character appropriate to its type. Even within the ranks of our men’s leather gloves you’ll find a diversity of designs, each with a distinctive profile. Some are geared perfectly for winter’s worst, ready to insulate your fingers against the cold, while others are crafted from lighter materials that provide optimal protection during the transitional seasons without impeding dexterity. Each pair is both functional and fine, and the same can be said of our scarves for men. There is nothing like a scarf to add a touch of signature flair to an ensemble, just as nothing else provides such versatile cover during cool weather. Wrap one round the neck under a hat to preserve precious heat, knot it for a particularly distinctive look, or let it hang loose, adding a luxuriously layered dimension to your look. Our men’s scarves are available in many different patterns, colours, and fibres, so we have just the right one for your needs.