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Updated: 24 July 2013
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Covered in sea lice and fresh as a daisy, Paul Little admires a Tweed fish before turning it loose

Its smiles all round as this hefty hen fish latched onto Paul’s deer hair, surface lure.

Little copes with the Drought:
Although known for his exquisite, fully dressed salmon flies, Pro guide Paul Little likes nothing more sweeping a hair winged pattern past the nose of his favourite species.  However, drought conditions (unheard of this time last year) threatened to spoil his annual pilgrimage to the mighty Tweed.  A hard nut to crack, Paul persevered under cloudless skies and a relentless sun to be rewarded with a string of fresh salmon taking from the fast flowing water.  The successful pattern, a cone head Black Francis…not exactly what you term a glass case dressing, but when needs must!   

Days later, keen to try out his 8-weight Helios, Paul ventured onto Bassenthwaite Lake at first light.  Thankfully, dawn temperatures were a lot more bearable and coupled with low light, predatory pike were on the prowl.  Whilst Paul has always fared well using large streamers, he decided to a deer hair popper a whirl.  Cast into weedy margins, Paul and his close friend experienced a red letter day with no less than 16 pike in total.

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A female B-WO spinner kicks and gyrates during egg-laying, clear evidence that movement plays and important role as a trigger, even when imitating spinner.

I’m feeling those Vibes man…
I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to presenting dry flies static.  We call this “drag free drift” and its something that eludes us all from time to time.  This season has been a bumper year for Blue Winged Olives when countless spinners have carpeted the surface of my local rivers.  Studiously attempting to copy their actions, many were actually wriggling which created a serious of expanding ripples.  In the fading light this surely has to act like a morse code, which translates to trout as an easy meal.  Such actions really do make you think, so I’ve started introducing the occasional tweak or two to my fly as it drifts on idle currents!  

Derbyshire Wye on song:
Tumbling over limestone bedrock the Derbyshire Wye ranks as one of the country’s favourite streams.  Here, gin clear water makes it possible to sight fish for grayling, browns and truly wild rainbow trout.  Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers control a fair bit of the upper reaches, which includes some prime day ticket water too.  Both members and visitors have been enjoying some wonderful dry fly action of late.  Club president David Marriot fared better than most using the Tenkara style of fishing and small, black dry flies.  He reckons that ultra delicate presentation and drag free drifts put him amongst trout that would have otherwise snubbed his flies.  And judging by his returns, I’m for one won’t argue with him!

Proud as Punch, Issie with her first ever fly caught trout, taken within hours of picking up a fly rod.

Hook, Line and Sinker:
Orvis pro guide Steve Rhodes had his work cut out recently teaching two complete beginners, father and daughter Andy and Issie Foster.  Issie’s ambition was to catch, prepare and cook a trout, a tall order when you’ve only half a day to spare in the baking heat!  However, Steve’s expert tuition got them both casting and fishing within the hour.  As youngsters do, Issie picked up the basics in no time to go on and land her first ever trout on fly.  Granted, others were lost, but her success meant she’d been smitten by the experience…hook, line and sinker.  What’s nice is that she grasped the concept of fishing for the pot by preparing fresh fish rather than just killing for the sake of it.

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Orvis Acquire Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels:
The Orvis Company, Inc. has recently acquired the Scientific Anglers (SA) and Ross Reels businesses from 3M.  Orvis plan to operate the brand names independently under their respective headings of Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels.  Ross Reels will also continue to operate from its Montrose, CO headquarters.  Jim Lepage, newly appointed President of both businesses said “Our goal is for Scientific Anglers to be the world leader in fly lines, leaders and tippet, and for Ross to be the leading innovator in American-made fly reels”. Jim also went on to say there are no plans for Orvis to carry S.A. branded fly lines in its catalogues, stores or on website, nor are there plans to more widely distribute Orvis products through S.A.’s established wholesale accounts. Each brand must remain focused on being the leading innovator in their respective fields and distribution channels.  It’s this kind of focus that makes Orvis world leaders in the fickle World of fly fishing!

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