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Updated: 11 September 2013
No. 42 Orvis Blog

A lone adult gnat amounts to nothing

Scores of gnat tumbling to the water are generally enough to get rout looking up in numbers

Bumper season for Flylife:
Despite a Baltic start to our trout season, once warmer weather kicked in it’s been an incredible year with regards to fly life.  Blizzards of Grannom during late spring gave way to masses of Blue-Winged Olives in summer and now we’re experiencing bumper falls of Black Gants.  Clouds of these filled the air from late August through to mid September and are still about now.  Granted, a single adult gnat might not amount to much, but when an army of them carpet the surfacethe trout go positively bonkers.  Given this, we’ve been treated to top drawer dry fly fishing when a #16 black imitation of sorts fooled some truly magnificent trout.

A modest salmon by Iceland’s standards, but damn good fun on a single-handed fly rod and the riffle hitch method

Louis Noble is a dab-hand when it comes to Tenkara fishing

“Hitched” in Iceland:
Those who know me are well aware that I’m a trout fisher to the core.  And yet, a recent trip to Iceland saw me dabbling with Salmo salar (silver tourists).  In fairness, my introduction to this wonderful avenue of our sport couldn’t have been better as the Riffle Hitch featured heavily in our approach.  This method involves small tube flies arranged in such a way that they skate across the surface to create a faint ‘V’ wake.  In turn, any interested salmon will rise to intercept them, just like a trout taking a mayfly.  Exciting stuff and something that ramps up your pulse rate by a good few notches…highly recommended, even if I say so myself!

Tenkara continues to grow:
Involving a fixed length of line with no reel the ancient art of Tenkara fishing continues to grow across the UK.  The advantages include by able to present a fly as delicate as thistledown then achieving absolute drag free drifts in difficult currents, like back eddies for example.  Aside from offer a complete Tenekara outfit, Orvis intends to get behind this trend by providing 1 day courses focusing on all things Tenkara.  Pro Guide and one of the UK’s Tenkara specialist Louis Noblewill lead these courses which are set for Spring 2014.  As yet, dates are confirmed we’ll let you know.

WTT Conservation Awards:
Held annually The Wild Trout Trust Conservation Awards is an event where the Trust encourage excellence in both the management and conservation of wild trout habitat.  Whether it’s a group effort, or individuals these Awards recognize the skills and ingenuity of both professionals and those operating as volunteers at grass roots levels. In past years Orvis have been acknowledge for their contributions that have benefited Wild Brown Trout.  This year the 2013 Awards are being generously sponsored by Thames Water and will be held in London.  Orvis wish all applicants the best of luck and offer their continued support the WTT.  In fact, anyone who is serious about trout fishing really ought to be a member for details visit:

Fly Fishing outside the Box should appeal to anyone who has ever picked a fly rod up.

Strong as rope, you can depend on Orvis Mirage

Well worth a read:
Well known angling author and Research Officer for the WTT, Peter Hayes recently published “Fly Fishing Outside the Box”.  This appropriately titled book is a brave, yet exciting piece of work that challenges and questions many of our fly fishing beliefs.  These aren’t just throw away comments intended to provoke controversy either.  Instead, the information is based on years of close observation, which has been carefully argued.  Aimed at rivers, twenty two chapters in all cover all aspects of modern day fly fishing and with plenty of ground breaking information the book has been laid out in such a way that you can simply delve in at given point or certain chapter.  So, reading it order of start to finish isn’t really necessary.  Blending new found knowledge with history, Peter invites the reader to think for themselves.  He cleverly calls this “unlocking a series of doors” to which you have only been given the key (this book), inspiring stuff!  Appealing to both newcomer and seasoned rods alike this publication belongs on the shelf of any angler’s library. 

Strong as Rope:
When it comes to tippet material, fluorocarbons aren’t generally my first choice.  Not because they’re weak or frail, simply they tend to be a fraction stiffer when compared to copolymers of similar diameter. In turn this can affect the presentation of small, delicate dry flies, which trade on being as natural as possible.  However, fluorocarbons score in the high impact department and even in finer breaking strains are extremely resilient against the razor sharp teeth of specimen trout or salmon.  I for one have become a huge fan of Orvis Miragewhich keeps coming up trumps for me time and again.

Find Mirage here

2013 Schools and Courses:
Whether you’re a beginner out to learn the ropes or a more seasoned rod looking for advanced techniques, covering all aspects of fly fishing, Orvis have a full compliment of schools and courses scheduled for 2013. Be it trout or salmon these include one day and residential courses from the Highlands of Scotland down to the Chalkstreams of Hampshire.

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September 2013

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