The Orvis Fly Fishing Report: Paul Procter reports on current fly fishing conditions in UK and abroad.

Updated: 11 October 2013
No. 43 Orvis Blog

Andrew Cartwright displays a 48cm Dee grayling prior to release

Dee is Dynamite:
As autumn takes hold and the nights draw in, our thoughts turn to grayling for continued sport.  Granted, many streams and rivers boast thriving stocks of grayling, but one which is enjoying current form is the Welsh Dee.  Not only are numbers of Thymallus thymallus on the up, some thumping specimens are causing a stir with locals and visiting rods alike.  With access to prime beats, Orvis Pro Guide Andrew Cartwright has treated many of his clients to world class fishing using both dry flies and the French nymphing technique.  And, so long as river levels behave themselves it’s not unusual for him to record catches of 20 plus fish per outing.  Of course, a recent lift in water might well have appealed to those swinging double handed rods, but Andrew assures me that grayling are still feeding hard.

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Rafts of B-WO duns float down the Ribnik on a recent visit to Bosnia

Bosnian grayling are as fat as any I’ve come across anywhere

Blistering Blue-Winged Olives:
It seems we haven’t been the only ones to experience blizzard hatches of Blue-Winged Olives this season.  Many European countries too are reporting an upturn in the appearance of this iconic upwinged species with the Balkans in particular still seeing decent hatches even now.  A recent trip to Bosnia resulted in B-WO activity that seriously beggared belief.  Literally thousands of duns lifting off each day saw trout and grayling feasting for up to 6 hours at a sitting.  Of course when the fish go daft like this you need a plausible imitation that’s presented properly.  Orvis Superstrong in 7X diameter helped no end here and held up well even with some of the larger specimens we tangled with.

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Fever Pitch:
Apparently the huge falls of black gnats we experienced throughout August and September were in fact Fever Flies Dilophus febrilis.  In fairness they’re almost identical in appearance to black gnats and share a similar lifestyle, so it’s an easy mistake to make.  Equally, I don’t think the trout cared one jot as all they were concerned about was scoffing down these tasty little morsels.  I’m not sure where the term “Fever Fly” is derived, but what I do know is their numbers reach fever pitch, which is good news for rout and angler alike.  Let’s hope that 2014 sees bumper falls of this small, black terrestrial.

Fever Fly or Black Gnat? I don’t really think the trout care one way or the other…

Not a specimen by US standards for Paul Little, but a pretty fish which fell to the charms of a spider pattern…

Little goes a long way…
Widely respected for his classic salmon flies, Paul Little flew to America recently not for his usual salmon fly tyings workshops, but a spot of trout fishing!  His journey took him to Arkansas, a well known area frequented by trout bums.  Fishing with friend and well respect US fly tier Stack Scoville, Paul sampled the delightful North Fork and White River where hopper fishing reigns supreme.  This involves plopping down a large foam imitation in the hope of attract trout.  The following day, he presented delicate North Country dressings to dimpling fish and in his element now, he scored well.   The best part, salmon never even got a mention, so there’s hope yet to convert this dyed in the wool fishermen into a Trout Bum!

2014 Schools and Courses:
As our current season draws to a close, Orvis are busy preparing for 2014.  As ever there will be several schools and courses to cover all aspects of fly fishing.  So whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned rod, chances are there’ll be something for you.  Dates and venues will be posted on the website soon here.

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