Paul Procter's Mayfly Picks

Paul Procter


Whilst I'm fortunate enough to be at the water's edge on most days, come mayfly time, I'm as excited as ever.

Despite being a seasoned fly fisher, the sight of the season's first mayfly has me totally captivated. Like anglers everywhere, I'll be busy preparing tackle and here is my selection for approaching this celebrated hatch.

-Paul Procter


Helios 905-4 Mid-flex for rivers, and the Helios 966-4 Tip-flex for stillwaters: A progressive action enables this responsive 5-weight to deliver accurate, effortless casts with finesse that is sensitive enough to yield and protect tippets. For Stillwater use a 9’6” has the required length for dibbling flies from the boat, yet still has the authority to punch a cast into a nasty headwind.


Battenkill Large Arbor Trout Game Reel (II) : This true large arbor reel with a superior retrieval rate helps gather line at an increased speed, essential for taming large, tenacious trout that often feed at mayfly time.


Wonderline Powertaper: With a dense and dynamic front taper this line is well suited to delivering those large, wind resistant dry flies used at Mayfly time.


Hy-flote tapered leaders (7½’& 9 leaders): Hy-flote tapered leaders not only provide a clean, swift lift for either casting or striking fish, at close quarters they can actually be manipulated around tricky currents to present a dry fly more naturally.


Orvis Super Strong 4X (6lb) and 3X (8.5lb): When it comes to tippet material there’s always a balance in finding a low diameter material that aids fly presentation yet is stout enough to prevent breakages and handle ungainly flies in breezy conditions. Supple to give a fly unhindered movement whilst capable of absorbing the rigors of struggling fish, Orvis Super Strong meets all the requirements.


Lightweight Super Tac-L-Pac vest: Boasting all the features of the standard Tac-L-Pac this new lightweight version had the necessary capacity to house all you fly boxes and fishing paraphernalia needed for a day by the river.


Hy-Flote Gel: It’s important to have confidence in a floatant especially if casting into turbulent water or during low light levels when it’s unsure whether the fly is floating or not. This no fussy gel can be trusted to keep the fly afloat when it matters most.

Orvis Shake-N-Float Powder: CdC dry flies of one kind and another will feature in my mayfly campaign. A quick dowse in Orvis Shake-N-float is certain to keep them afloat for longer.

Premium Brodin Nets (Large): Having invested time in hooking a big fish, it’s as well to be able to land them safely. This deep mesh net will comfortably hold that notable trout.

Superlight Polarised Sunglasses: Essential eye protection, when it comes to spotting trout these amber lenses offer a distinct advantage on dull, cloudy days and for evening fishing.


Orvis Traditional Mayflies: Including the famous Wulff mayflies, a carded selection of 8 patterns to cover every eventuality.

Orvis Modern Mays: A modern slant that gives you the most update and successful flies.

Procter's Mays: This special selection includes his most popular and successful mayfly patterns.