The Orvis Fly Fishing Report: Paul Procter reports on current fly fishing conditions in UK and abroad.

Updated: 20 May 2013
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A distinct inky shade, Iron Blue Duns are one of the easiest of our upwinged species to identify.

Simple, yet deadly effective an The Iron Blue Cul (IBC) firmly clamped in the jaws of an Eden trout.

Some semblance of life at last:
With temperatures pegged well back from the seasonal norm, nature has been slow of the mark this spring. However, with regard to our beloved ephemerids, things seem to be shaping up nicely at last. Not only are the Olive Uprights bursting into life, hatches of Iron Blue Duns have occurred on most afternoons. And these aren’t just the token winged adult or two, we’re talking vast numbers of duns drifting down river. Of course, you need the right medicine to tempt fish and they don’t come any simpler than this Iron Blue Cul (IBC) tied using natural CdC and mole’s fur.

Stuart helps participants recognise the important bugs and insects found in our streams during one of his highly successful courses.

Youngsters get the low down on Test trout during the recent Parent & Child day held at Kimbridge.

Entomology for Anglers:
One question that remains on the tips of many tongues is how important is Entomology to us as fly fishermen? Naturally, reeling off a list of Latin names might impress those around you, however the fish really don’t give one jot! That said, a basic understanding of the bugs and flies found on your local stream certainly helps when it comes to knotting on an appropriate imitation. Equally, you can provide help by becoming involved with the Riverfly Partnership invertebrate monitoring scheme that builds up a long term picture on the health of our beloved trout streams. So where do you get a heads up on all things with six legs? Such skills and understanding are easily acquired by attending the ever popular “Entomology for Anglers” courses held at the Freshwater Biological Association in Cumbria. Organized and run by our very own Stuart Crofts in conjunction with Andrew Dixon these days will arm you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need. For details, dates and booking please contact Stuart here.

Parent & Child Day well supported:
According to national statistics, it would seem youngsters today are being lured away from outdoor activities by modern technology and computer games. However, interest still remains and none more so than in Hampshire where the Orvis annual Parent & Child Day held on the banks of Kimbridge (River Test) was extremely well attended. Led by John Salder the day helps get youngsters off to a flying start in the gentle art of fly fishing. Of course, it’s not all about casting as the day covers important subjects like trout habitat, entomology and reading the water. Blessed with good weather, all participants tangled with trout that no doubt helped hooked them for life! It’s encouraging to see some of our juniors are actually creeping back to country pursuits like fly fishing. See below for details on all Orvis courses and schools.

A spanking tarpon for Martin’s group in Cuba.

Is there something in the water…?
Not content with fishing their home waters, many of our Pro Guides are heading to warmer climes, in search of exotic species. One of our most senior and respected members Martin Cottis is the most recent to join a growing list of traveling Guides. I don’t blame them really as the UK weather continues to be a tempestuous mistress with spring being a classic case in point. Martin led a small group to Las Salinas in Cuba where they did battle with bonefish, tarpon and more toothy critters too. Naturally, Orvis are keen for the Guides to gain experience in all fields of fly fishing as first hand knowledge can then be passed on to customers and clients which makes for a better, all round service. Find Martin here

The smile says it all as Little (Paul) displays Large…

Little scores Big:
Fellow Cumbrian and Orvis Pro Guide Paul Little headed south recently on a 4 day campaign in search of big rainbow trout. For once the fishing Gods smiled on his party who hit the jackpot when visiting Sutton Springs. Under cloudless skies, a warm sun allowed Paul to spot fish cruising along the margins. More than once his casting skills were called into action to quickly deliver a #16 black buzzer right on the nose of seemingly fussy fish. Thankfully, a good percentage of trout accepted his tiny offering including this plump 10lb 8oz specimen. Of course, hooking such fish is only half the story. Granted the ensuing battle might last mere minutes, but more often than not, it’s brutal stuff that test tackle to its limit. Thankfully, everything thing held with the best fish going some 14lb 10oz.

2013 Schools and Courses:
Whether you’re a beginner out to learn the ropes or a more seasoned rod looking for advanced techniques, covering all aspects of fly fishing, Orvis have a full compliment of schools and courses scheduled for 2013. Be it trout or salmon these include one day and residential courses from the Highlands of Scotland down to the Chalkstreams of Hampshire. Here’s a few spring dates to kick off the season

For all Orvis schools and courses click here

For further information and bookings please contact Judy Thornton.
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Paul Procter
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May 2013

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