Reproofing Your Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket

The Barbour Sporting Classic Beaufort Jacket
The Barbour Sporting Classic Beaufort Jacket: A jacket that will last for years — even decades — with yearly reproofing.

Your Barbour jacket — a great value that lasts for years

With regular reproofing your waxed cotton Barbour jacket will remain waterproof through many years of faithful wear—Orvis has received vintage Barbour jackets of thirty, forty, even fifty years of service for reproofing and repair.

Reproofing: the process that preserves the outstanding quality of your jacket

Waxed cotton is made waterproof by impregnating the cotton fabric with a wax specially formulated for the maximum water-resistant qualities. Also called oiling, waxing, redressing, or waterproofing, reproofing is the process of re-applying the wax to keep your jacket fully waterproof and wind resistant. Reproofing helps to protect your favourite jacket from severe elements while rejuvenating and restoring the garment, thus prolonging its years of effectiveness.

Yearly reproofing is best

It’s best to reproof your jacket yearly, especially if you subject it to robust use in the field where regular conditions include heavy weather, mud, and abrasion. Garments should be cleaned with cold or lukewarm water to remove any mud or debris before being brought in for reproofing. Simply hose down or rinse in a shower, using a soft brush to remove any mud or debris.

How to submit your jacket to Orvis for reproofing

Orvis appreciates how important these garments are to avid sportsmen and we are always at hand to help extend your jacket’s efficiency and value. Just bring it by your local Orvis store and we’ll send it to Barbour’s reproofing service for you. Basic reproofing for a jacket (excluding hood) without any repairs starts at just £30. Repairs and alterations incur additional fees.