weight fabric content key benefits target climate
3.4 oz./sq. yd.
100% cotton
the comfort of pure cotton
extremely versatile

Marquesas All-Cotton Poplin
Our Original Marquesas™ Shirt is our best-selling fishing and outdoor adventure shirt, but it’s become one of our customers’ favourites as a casual basic for weekends. Named for the breathtaking atoll off Key West, Marquesas poplin is constructed of high-quality single-strand, thin-diameter cotton yarn woven tightly into a thin, crisp fabric. Because cotton holds 15% of its weight in water, and moves that moisture naturally to the outside of the garment, cotton feels cooler on hot days and is more comfortable next to the skin.

Field tested in the most demanding climates, we found that the tight weave of our Marquesas cotton stays cool and comfortable in all conditions—even the wilting heat of a tropical mid-afternoon sun. A lightly brushed, pre-washed finish caresses your skin and looks great while keeping you cool and refreshed. A pigment-dyeing process adds a rich depth of colour to the fabric, which will mellow with age and activity, becoming uniquely your own, a hands-down favourite.

My Favourite Fishing Shirt.
“Nothing’s as comfortable as those Marquesas cotton shirts,” my fishing buddy Stephen said. So I picked out a sage green one for my first saltwater fly-fishing trip back in 1994. We left work on a Friday afternoon, arrived at Nickerson campground on Cape Cod and set up the tents in the dusk. The next day we drove to “hidden cove” (hey, I’m not giving too much away), stepped out into the cold, foggy morning, and started casting. Ten minutes later, we just started catching stripers one after another. On one cast I hooked what I thought was a small fish, but suddenly he put on a Marquesas II Short Sleeved Shirtsburst of speed, took 30 yards of line, then gave up. When I finally got him in, the mystery was explained. A bluefish had grabbed the striper and made a run—biting it’s quarry in half! We’ve returned to that favourite spot many, many times since then, and I’ve worn my favourite shirt almost every trip. I still wear it to work when stress levels are high and I just want to be comfortable. But I can’t wear it without thinking of that first saltwater trip, those first purple-and-green linesided stripers, and that monster bluefish waiting under the shimmering surface.”
—Tim Achor-Hoch, Orvis Art Director