The Orvis Watershed Buckskin shirt lives up to its name: water beads up and rolls off this fabric just as it does off a duck's back. That's why you might hear this shirt called the "water splasher" around our offices. To demonstrate the quick repelling action of this fabric, the buyers poured a bottle of water right on the front. In the split-second it took for gravity to pull the liquid down to the sample-room carpet, we knew we had a winner.

How did we do it?
Well, the fabric is a highly technical blend of nylon and polyester fibers, made to imitate the look and feel of buckskin. Two different colors of yarn are woven together to create the rich texture. The result is a subtle shade of colour that resembles suede; it's not at all shiny. The advantage is that it is also much more comfortable to wear than suede; our Watershed Buckskin is soft and supple, not stiff or heavy.

You'll receive plenty of compliments when wearing this shirt.
People can't seem to resist it; they're always asking to feel your sleeve. It is the ideal travel fabric. One of our staff members really put the shirt to the test on a flight to England. He spilled coffee all over the front of his Watershed Buckskin, but didn't have to be concerned about looking good for his first meeting. The coffee ran right off the fabric without leaving a trace. (Sadly, we can't say the same about the airline's seat cushion.) You'll be pleased to know that Orvis is developing trousers out of this remarkable fabric as well.

The design features button-down collar and two roomy front chest pockets with button-through flaps. The shirt is easy to care for, just machine wash on the warm cycle (no bleach) and tumble dry low. You can even iron this shirt on a low steam setting, but you won't need to. Wrinkles seem to fall out as easily as liquid runs off the surface.

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