Step 1: Read the Orvis Affiliate Programme Overview


The Orvis Affiliate Programme

Overview :

The Orvis Affiliate Programme allows approved web sites to link to the Orvis on-line commerce site and earn a referral fee on any sales from that referred visit. This gives the affiliate site a virtual e-commerce business to round out the site's offerings, while allowing the affiliate to focus on content pertinent to its area of expertise. For referring its visitors to our commerce site, the affiliate will earn a 10% referral fee on all sales from that visit. In addition, Orvis may occasionally feature products with a direct link to a featured item.

Customers who purchase products through this programme will be deemed to be customers of The Orvis Company, Inc. All Orvis policies regarding orders, procedures, and customer service will apply to these customers.

Orvis will provide :

  • Access to the fully functional Orvis e-commerce site
  • A variety of text and graphic links.
  • Images and copy for featured items (used for a direct link to the featured item as opposed to a link to the general commerce site).
  • Processing, delivery, billing, and customer service on all orders received through the affiliate site.

The affiliate site (Affiliate Window) will provide :

  • An accurate implementation of the Affiliate Link address so that Orvis can accurately track and pay for referral sales. The accuracy of this Affiliate Link address is the responsibility of the affiliate site.
  • Current, accurate, legal, and attractive content to draw visitors to its site.
  • The development, technical operation and maintenance of the affiliate site and equipment.
  • Payment of referral fees on a monthly basis above the payment threshold.

Costs :
There is a £5 set up fee to join Affiliate Window although this will be refunded in the affiliates account on acceptance.

The Affiliate Relationship
The relationship between the parties is that of independent contractors. Participation in the Orvis Affiliate Programme does not create any employer/employee, partnership, joint venture, agency, or franchise relationship. The affiliate has no authority to represent Orvis or to make or accept offers on Orvis' behalf. The affiliate is legally and wholly responsible for all content posted on the affiliate's site (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights, libellous or illegal materials) and will indemnify and hold Orvis harmless from all expenses, damages, losses and court costs, costs (including attorney's fees and contracts), and claims relating to the affiliate's site and content thereon. The affiliate relationship is not transferable. Either party, with or without cause, may terminate this affiliation at any time by written notification. No statement may be made on the affiliate's site or in-person to contradict these provisions.

Referral Fees :
The standard referral fee will be equal to 10% of the actual sale price of the item(s) purchased and excludes the costs for gift-wrapping, shipping and handling, other special handling, taxes (VAT), and/or assembly. The referral fee will be valid for any purchases made by the customer within 30 days of using the Affiliate's link to the Orvis site. Orvis, in its discretion, may offer higher referral fees from time to time for direct links to featured products. If any item that generated a referral fee is returned, an amount equal to that referral fee will be owed to Orvis by the affiliate.

Programme Enrolment
To apply for enrolment in the programme, read the Orvis Affiliate Operating Agreement, and then fill out and submit the on-line Affiliate Application form. Orvis will evaluate the application and notify you of acceptance or rejection into the programme. Orvis may reject your application if we determine that your site is not a suitable affiliate. That determination is solely at the discretion of Orvis. You may re-apply at any time for affiliate status. Once your affiliation has been approved, Orvis will e-mail you the necessary graphics and HTML link copy with instructions on adding them to your site, or direct you to a site where you can download the necessary materials.

Step Two:
Read the Orvis Affiliate Operating Agreement
Please read this carefully. It contains all the legalities.

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