Amphibious Cotton - Perfoect for travel in unpredictable weather.

Water, wind, and soil resistance, previously found only in synthetic fabrics, is now a feature of our popular 100% pure Amphibious Cotton™. We teamed with Nextec, the leaders in water-repellency technology, to transform regular cotton into a high-tech performance fibre. Our Amphibious Cotton clothing maintains the comfortable and breathable properties of cotton, unlike weatherproof fabrics that are laminated, stiff, and don’t breathe.

Go-Anywhere Amphibious Cotton Jacket

Why other waterproofing techniques are inferior
The most basic form of performance fabric uses a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, applied by dipping the fabric in a chemical bath. The resulting material repels water, but DWR is a surface treatment with no barrier to wind, and it wears off with washings.

Laminated fabrics are created by bonding a film onto the back of a material. Breathability is compromised and the fabric feels stiff. If a DWR is also used, it will eventually wear off and the fabric face will absorb water. As the water evaporates, it robs your body heat, leaving you cold and damp.

Why Amphibious Cotton is better
In a word: softness. Our cotton poplin fabric is weatherproof at the microscopic level; it will shed wind, water, dirt, and sweat. Each fibre bundle is encased in an ultrathin polymer that turns back water yet still maintains the comfortable properties of cotton. This process turns regular cotton into a high-tech performance fibre. And no performance fibre available can be cut into such comfortable clothing. Perfect for travel and unpredictable weather, our Amphibious Cotton clothing ensures that you will arrive dry, un-rumpled, and in style.

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