The Orvis Signature Polo: The Best in the Game. No Contest. The Orvis Signature Polo: Built to Last
It seems every clothing company makes a polo shirt. So when we at Orvis decided to make our own, we were determined to make the very best. We succeeded tremendously. Our polo shirts are one of our most popular and best-selling items. We thought about the design of our shirt from your, the wearer’s, perspective. What do you expect from a polo shirt? What makes a good polo shirt a delight to wear and a bad polo shirt a chore? Here’s what we decided. We think you’ll agree our polo is superior.

The Orvis Signature PoloThe Shirt
With its 100% cotton piqué weave, gussested underarms, and reinforced side vents, the Orvis Signature Polo breathes well, wicks away moisture, and allows for athletic motion and hard use as no other polo can. We didn't stop with these features, however, knowing that making the finest polo shirt required further, impeccable details. For the banded sleeves and collar, we chose soft-knit cotton that won’t shrink or bind, and is comfortable against the skin. We used double-needle stitching at the arms, shoulders, tail, and hem, and added a contrast double-stitched reinforcement at the vent to ensure that seams won’t rip or unravel at stress points. Finally, we added our zinger loop as a handy spot for sunglasses, and selected striking colors that befit the shirt’s thoughtful construction. The result is a polo that will endure for years, wear comfortably, and look smart, whether you put it through athletic rigours or wear it casually with jeans or chinos.

Features of The Orvis Signature Polo

The Heritage
Polo is known as the “sport of kings”. During the medieval period, polo was played in the desert kingdoms of Rajasthan by Indian nobility. It was played primarily among the Rajput warrior princes of Northern India, who appreciated the valor, sportsmanship, and equestrian expertise the sport embodied. In the 1870s, polo was discovered by the British along the eastern edges of the Indian Empire, and swiftly spread through Britain. Soon after, the sport spread to the United States. The polo shirt was first introduced to U.S. polo players in the 1920s. This short-sleeved knitted garment had a placket neckline and knit collar, which was designed to stay down during matches. In the 1930s this style, directly borrowed from “the sport of kings,” became the fashion for men’s sportswear, and has retained its popularity for both sport and leisure activities to this day.

The Guarantee
At Orvis, we believe that it’s worth the investment to put the time into the design of our products, and in making them with quality materials. The Orvis Signature Polo is built to last with impeccable attention to detail, and will look great for years to come. We guarantee it.