Orvis Signature Twill Shirts

We Stake Our Name on These Shirts
The Orvis Signature Twill is a truly amazing fabric -- all the performance of a high-tech fibre with the natural silky feel of 100% cotton. These Signature Twill shirts are the result of over two years of research and development. Here's an introduction to the best shirting fabric, we believe, that money can buy.

Signature Twill ShirtsThe fibre:
For the last 7,000 years, cotton has been cultivated, spun into yarn, and woven into cloth. Fragments of early cotton fabrics dating from 3,000 BC have been discovered in India; archaeologists have found evidence that cotton may have existed in Egypt as early as 12,000 BC. Under the proper conditions, cotton is more than durable - it's almost indestructible. We're not promising that our shirts will be around in the year 9,000 AD, but you never know.

The Fabric:
Over a two-year period, Orvis worked hard to develop a sturdy twill fabric that would remain soft, without becoming threadbare or pilling. Twill is a generic term for cotton or wool fabrics that are woven with a distinctive diagonal wale and more warp yarns per inch. The Orvis Twill is made of high-quality yarns that are doubled, tightly twisted, and then densely woven to create a durable fabric that will not rip or tear easily. With more threads of a particular shade per square inch, the colors are as sharp and durable as the fabric. Our Twill is as soft as silk, thanks to the garment-washing process, and it has been treated to keep shrinkage to a minimum.

Orvis Signature Twill ShirtsThe Shirts:
Our Twill shirts have been a success, no doubt, because they are incredibly comfortable. But we suspect a big reason for their popularity is that they usually don't require ironing, especially if they're plucked from the dryer while still warm. Orvis Signature Twill shirts come in a variety of rich colours, tartans, and tattersalls. Always elegant and appropriate, our Signature Twill shirts will serve you, and perhaps your descendents, in good stead for years to come.

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100% doubled, twisted, densely woven cotton as comfortable as flannel

• more substantial than Oxford cloth, as smooth a hand as silk

• colours as durable as the fabric

• requires little ironing

• washable