Jobs at Orvis

Jobs at Orvis

Orvis Core Values

All of our Associates are aware of Orvis Core Values, an essential part of our identity, heritage, and key for our future success. Our Core Values are as follows:

The Customer is Always Right
Customer service is our first order of business. We satisfy customers by their standards. Our belief that our customers must fully appreciate and truly enjoy our products is demonstrated by the investments we make, the policies we set, and the latitude we give those who serve our customers directly. For them the guiding principle must always be: “Find a way to say yes.”

Pride of Ownership
We do not sell what we, ourselves, would not be proud to own. In the consistent quality and dependability that we insist upon in our products, we pay deep respect to the trust and high standards our customers have come to expect from the Orvis tradition.

Integrity and Mutual Respect
We demonstrate integrity through respect for each other. We “do what’s right” even when it may not be expedient. Our relationships with each other, our customers, and our business partners reflect honesty and exemplary business ethics. We take responsibility for our actions, and when we make a mistake, we own up to it and make it right. We believe in a work environment characterised by mutual respect, openness, accessibility, and constructive confrontation. We demonstrate our respect for each other through a commitment to growth and development and by telling each other what we need to know.

We are committed to collective performance, and we respect individual achievement. In evaluating performance, merit--not seniority--is our standard. We give each other goals to strive for and the mutually-agreed-upon tools to bring those goals to life. We believe that rewards should match performance and that contributions to our success deserve to be recognised.

Conservation and Our Sporting Traditions
If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them. We honour and perpetuate the sporting tradition by serving as a preeminent source of the products, knowledge, and conservation priorities that characterise it. Our commitment is made tangible by our internal conservation efforts and by contributing a portion of the fruits of our own success toward the protection of fish and wildlife for future generations.

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Jobs at Orvis

Our number one corporate goal at Orvis UK is to attract, develop, and retain the best people—it’s been part of our success for more than 20 years. Our associates consistently deliver world-class customer service and help us toachieve the necessary focused growth that will secure our future. Our success is based on creating an environment rich with cooperation, praise, integrity, and mutual respect.

Jobs at OrivsThe Orvis corporate headquarters are located in rural Andover, Hampshire, near the renowned chalk streams of the River Test. Our flagship store is located in nearby Stockbridge, and the site of Orvis's very first UK retail store in 1981. Orvis parent headquarters are located in rural Sunderland, Vermont, USA, near a 377-acre natural black bear habitat, and where all of our finest fly rods are still built.

Orvis employs over 250 associates in the UK, and more than 3,000 worldwide.
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The Kimbridge Beat

The Kimbridge Beat allows complimentary
fishing access to Orvis associates

Orvis Corporate Goals

Establish an environment that enables us to attract, develop, and retain the best people.

Profit & Financial Growth
Achieve focused growth that provides a profit base to secure our future.

Brand Growth
Protect, strengthen, and increase awareness of the Orvis Brand to communicate a single message to our customers.

Customer Service
Deliver consistently world-class customer service.

Orvis Everywhere
Utilise the power of the company’s multiple customer contact points to create stronger marketing opportunities.

Produce products and services about which our customers will rave to their friends and that we judge are absolutely right.