Men's Jeans & Denim Trousers


Men’s Jeans and Denim Trousers

Nothing speaks of effortless style like our jeans for men. These pairs exude a rugged confidence that is unique to their iconic fabric and basic design. Men’s jeans evoke a proud heritage of tough competence, and at the same time communicate an imperturbably casual air. The fabric has been popular for centuries with good reason—for hard-wearing good looks, it’s hard to beat denim. Traditionally crafted from pure cotton, these trousers offer an attractive array of traits, from breathability to pliability to durability,as well as a basic versatility that allows them to look just as good with a casual T-shirt as with a formal button-down. Our line of jeans for men includes denim in a variety of weights and blends that enhance their function and their style. Our stretch jeans for men are crafted with just a hint of elastane, making for a pair of trousers that offers everything you love about your favourite classic jeans, but with a little added pliability that makes them supremely comfortable, whether you spend the day seated or on the go non-stop. This line offers a variety classic blue jeans for men, so you can find the fit and tone that suit your particular sense of style. If you’re looking for that rare pair that will be just as suited to the outdoors as the office, look no further. Our jeans for men are designed with the same care that Orvis takes with every product, which means that you’ll not only enjoy excellent comfort and durability, but also the most handsome fit that you’ll find anywhere.