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Men's Leather & Suede Jackets

Men's Leather and Suede Jackets

It’s impossible to go wrong with a fine leather or suede jacket for men. Rugged, yet refined, sophisticated and stylish, a layer of the best leather will complement any ensemble. Our men's leather jackets offer iconic looks, calling to mind an independent spirit of exploration, the legacy of generations who handed these styles down. Orvis respects the time-honoured tradition of leatherwork, whilst updating each piece with thoughtful elements of modern convenience. Our designs use the finest raw materials in the world, prepared by tanneries that do things right, the old-fashioned way. The result is a line of leather jackets for men that make a striking impression, whether you pair them with a simple T-shirt or a luxurious jumper. With every detail—from a rich lustre, to uncommonly clever tailoring—each piece communicates the discerning standards of its wearer. This collection comprises styles that offer an unparalleled combination of good looks and exceptional comfort, whatever the season. Our leather waistcoats for men provide year-round distinctive versatility. No other outerwear pulls an outfit together so well, whilst wearing with such comfortable ease. Men's suede jackets are a pleasure to behold and to touch, bringing an added sense of refinement to the table. Our selection offers a variety of hard-wearing, handsome styles that will deliver you from the backwoods looking ready to step into a fine restaurant. Luxurious, yet durable, our leather jackets for men are prized for their singular sophistication and exceptional performance in conditions of all kinds. Wear one once, and you’ll be convinced of what we already know: that there is no finer outerwear to be had.