Encounter 8-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit

An 8 Wt. affordable fly rod perfect as a first saltwater outfit or backup travel rod.


Instead of the term “entry level,” we prefer to describe our new Encounter rod outfits as “affordable awesomeness.” Built for the hardcore angler, yet priced with frugality in mind, the Encounter rod series combines state-of-the-art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance—packaged with a large arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, and leader. This solid 9' 8-weight Encounter outfit has all the power and performance anyone could ask at a price that will have you wondering, what's the catch? Backup or first big-game rod outfit, this is the finest you will ever buy at this price.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.8 / 5 based on 72 reviews


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  • 5/5

    The best rod out there for the money! - 11/21/2015
    By: from Erie,PA

    I purchased one of these rods from a local fly shop a year ago for steelhead pike and muskies now I use it almost for ever species of fish I go after. I just wanted a real nice affordable rod that would get the job done since I had just started fly fishing 2 years ago. This Is my most favorite rod I own and I have a lot of expensive rods I inherited. It casts smooth and the fly line on it is perfect for whatever you are fishing for I can throw huge muskie flies down to the smallest trout flies and it's very accurate and we'll balanced. I've been complemented for my casting almost every time I've been out fishing with it! I've landed some of the biggest fish of my life on it and it handles them with ease. I was out casting this rod in 50+ mile an hour winds slamming steelhead just the other day and still got complimented for casting. This rod and reel has caught me 30+ inch steelhead and 40+ inch pike and muskie and the drag on the reel is smooth n reliable. The reel is built very tough and won't get banged up or scratched like the expensive shinny reels out there today. I never looked this rod up before I bought it but I couldn't be any happier with ANY fly rod out there. I recommend this rod to anyone from the most skilled fly fisherman to the beginners out there it's the most bang for your buck!!! Tight lines out there!

  • 5/5

    I'm loving it :) - 10/30/2015
    By: from Bergen , Norway

    So having spent most of my life on spinning rods i decided to give fly fishing ago . so naturally i looked online and everyone was recommending this outfit so i bite the bullet and brought it, 5 days later it was at my door so that evening i took it down to the fjord and after about an hour of mess ups all my own fault i started to feel where the weight is and when to let it go then 30 mins later with an orange prawn fly tied i hooked a 9.3 lbs/4.2kg steelhead and boy was it fun to get her in :) and in less than one week of owning this rod i am completely addicted to fly fishing . This rod and reel is perfect and is of awesome quality and build for the small price it costs i couldn't recommend it enough . I will definitely be buying more Orvis products in the near future and so should you .

  • 5/5

    Great Value - 10/6/2015
    By: from Toronto, Canada

    The post lady delivered the package yesterday.I was happy to see It was packaged well.Out of package It feels of great quality, i have to admit i dont have much fly rods or reels to compare it to. But for the type of fishermen i am (the kind on a budget who wants the most bang for my buck) this 8 wt rod,reel, line and tube is all i could ever ask for. I hope to take it to a creek this weekend in search of monster great lake browns!!!

  • 5/5

    Love it! - 10/2/2015
    By: from Michigan

    Absolutely love this fly rod/reel. Bought one for myself and one for my son. Will be using primarily for salmon/steelhead.

  • 5/5

    Great starter set - 9/24/2015
    By: from Parry Sound

    If you're learning the basics and still want to land big fish, this is the perfect starting outfit. Orvis has fast shipping and has great customer service. I will definitely buy more Orvis products in the future!

  • 5/5

    Getting the job done - 9/18/2015
    By: from Fort Smith, Arkansas

    I bought this rod because I needed an 8 weight for striper. My cousin had been wanting me to try striper on the fly for over a year now. I use my five weight for everything else. When I hooked up on my first 9 pound striper with this rod it handled it like a beast. I set my drag and took him in with the reel. The other 12 I caught were from 6-14 pounds. At the end of the day we started talking about How great the rod handled. I am going back out this weekend with my dad to try to hook up again. There is not much more better than hooking up with striper on a fly rod in 4 foot of river water. Thank you orvis for helping me check that one off my bucket list. Excellent product.

  • 3/5

    No Extra Spools Available - 9/2/2015

    Big oversight by Orvis. Would've been nice to know this before buying my 8 wt (that comes with floating line, but really should be sinking). Pretty weak.

  • 5/5

    Great Rod and reel - 8/28/2015
    By: from Tennessee

    This is a great starter rood and reed for the beginner because the reel is set and ready to attach to you rod and hit the streams, The rod comes in a heavy duty rod case and the reel rest in a a reel shock for protection Just place then in you truck box and head to the stream or river and start fishing.

  • 4/5

    Encounter Combo - 8/20/2015
    By: from Woodstock, VA.

    Had a chance to go down to the Shenandoah last Saturday and try out the combo. It handles quite well whether using light dry flies or those larger wet flies. I put on a popper to irritate a few bluegills and found them quite attracted and willing to take it to the house. Since it was mid afternoon and rafters were playing up river I wasn't able to stay very long and seriously go after Mr Bass. Looking forward to my next outing.

  • 5/5

    Bargain - 8/12/2015
    By: from UP of MIchigan

    Having broke the only 8wt i owned i decided to purchase the Encounter. i had already purchased the 5 wt for my daughter as a starter rod, i was impressed by the action and the look of the rod. I took the new 8wt out for a test drive and was impressed by the power the rod has. It feels good in the hand and casting is effortless. I would recommend to anyone who uses an 8wt for early and late season big fish. Very nice product. Cant beat the price.

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