Fish Tailer Landing Glove

Easily catch and release fish with our innovative fish handling glove.


Handle fish with ease while protecting them. Slip-free handling of larger saltwater and freshwater gamefish. Dual-layer mesh protects outer slime layer on all fish. Clip lanyard attaches anywhere you need, keeps fish handling glove at the ready. Stretch lanyard for long reach. Ambidextrous. One size fits all.


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  • 5/5

    Great purchase - 9/16/2014

    Great service. Product met expectation with what was advertised.

  • 2/5

    to big - 4/8/2014
    By: from Illinois

    Yes the glove is to big I was surprised that the glove was so much larger, I have large hands. at least I thought so.[ surprise]

  • 3/5

    Easily accessible - 2/17/2014
    By: from California

    Easily accessible and always at hand with the attached leash. Prevents the loss of that monster catch.

  • 5/5

    Great choice - 1/22/2014
    By: from Medford,OR

    purchased this for my hubby, He is strickly a catch and relese guy. This is a great tool for such a thing. Ordered a 2nd glove for a friend.

  • 5/5

    Landing Glove Review - 12/30/2013
    By: from Aurora, IL

    Ok need to be honest I haven't used the Landing Glove yet, that being said. In March of 2013, a guide from Rivers Edge outfitters in SC, let me use his. Over a two day period I used the glove about 8 times to land and handle rainbows in the 22 to 28 inch size range. It made controling and releasing the fish alot (I mean alot) easier than attempting to use only my hands, and so says the guide it also reduces stress on the fish increasing survival rates. I loved it thats why I purchased one for myself.

  • 2/5

    maybe not a great design - 11/22/2013
    By: from NY

    i bought 3 gloves, one for myself and 2 for buddies I was going steelheading with. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to use mine, but they both used theirs and mentioned that when dealing with their fish, quickly getting each finger in the proper finger of the glove was cumbersome. A sack, bag or mitt with a thumb would be a better design.

  • 5/5

    By: from southern pines, NC

    probably the best glove my husband has ever used. he swears by it and has made sure it replaced several others in his gear bag. we even bought another one within a's THAT good !

  • 5/5

    Simple and Functional - 5/27/2013
    By: from Gig Harbor, WA
    Top 50 Contributor

    A landing glove should be a no-brainer for most fishers. The days of careless handling o particularly f catch and release fish should be long past This glove works fine, it's weight is negligible and the stretch lanyard makes it easy to clip to practically anything.

  • 5/5

    Less trauma for catch & release - 4/23/2013
    By: from Atlanta, Ga

    Excellent design to reduce the damage you might do while releasing your catch. Can't wait to try it!

  • 4/5

    Great Idea - 4/10/2013
    By: from Campbell River, B.C.

    Although I haven't tried the trailer glove yet I am certain that it will do the trick. The only downside is the rediculous $20 handling and shipping charge. It is small enough and light enough to have gone by regular mail.

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