Generation 3 Density Compensated Sinking Line

Quite possibly the best sinking fly line.


Now with the world's slickest fly line coating, Wonderline Generation 3. The best slickness in a fly line that shoots through the fly rods guides with less friction and better accuracy. These lines sink tip-first, maintaining a straight profile between you and the fly. Your fly reaches the productive depth quicker and stays there longer. You get more hits, feel more strikes, and hook more fis. 90'. USA.


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  • 5/5

    Great products - 10/28/2012
    By: from UK Derby

    Bought this in the sale as i was after a sinking line. Initially it was a bit "curly" but a few fish soon stretched that out of the line. Casts superbly and is far better at picking up soft takes than my intermediate line ( another brand) at sale price an excellent buy

  • 5/5

    Excellent Line - 8/13/2012
    By: from Minneapolis, MN

    Love the new full sinking 12 wgt line I just purchased. Casts like a dream and it really shoots through the guides. I gained 10' throwing the monster streamers that I like to use for muskies.

  • 5/5

    wonderful line!!! - 5/25/2012

    This is a wonderfully smooth line for trolling from my kayak. I let almost the whole line out and it has caught more trout!!! unbelieveable!!!

  • 5/5

    Great sinking line - 3/12/2012

    Having tried other lines over the past couple years I have been somewhat disapointed. But I gave yours a try for a trip to Canada for Northern Pike. The line felt really slick, and seemed to fly through the guides. I really can't give the line all the credit, but the flies seemed less wind resistand, and the wind a little calmer. This was my most successful trip to date, and I wanted to share it with my friends at Orvisl.

  • 1/5

    Not 105 feet long - 3/11/2012
    By: from Jupiter, FL

    The Orvis Tech Report on Wonderlines Gen 3 clearly states that lines of 8 wt and above are 105 feet long. This line is only 90 feet long.

  • 4/5

    Great value! - 3/10/2012
    By: from Missoula, MT

    This line casts like a dream and sinks in the stream. Get ready to catch some HOGS 'cause this is the real deal!

  • 4/5


  • 5/5

    Great all-around line - 3/5/2012
    By: from chesapeake bay

    This is a great all-around saltwater line for striped bass, shad, cobia, etc. The perfect amount of sink and very reliable. Super easy to cast.

  • 4/5

    Nice slick line - 3/1/2012
    By: from San Jose, CA

    I've got this in 3-weight, and it casts very nicely. With a bit of hauling, it'll perform adequately in wind.

  • 5/5

    great line - 2/21/2012
    By: from Cary, NC

    Tried the new line over the weekend on my new Clearwater rod and reel. The line has very low memory, sinks according to specs, and casts like a dream. Best sinking line I have ever used (and that's saying something, for I have used many in my 59 yrs.). Caught a couple snoozing largemouth bass with it fishing in my kayak, too. I'm impressed.

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Upgrade to the world's slickest fly line: Wonderline Gen 3 by Orvis

Reach More Fish.

Improvements in the coating of the industry's best-selling line make it 7% slicker than older-generation Wonderlines and slicker than the competition. With less friction between line and rod guides, your cast will travel farther and your tippet will be better protected.

Less Effort.

You'll get more distance from the same casting motion and have to false cast and double haul less.

Better Presentation and Mends.

A new, higher-floating tip material and micro-balloons surrounding the line's core increase floatability for easier mending and quieter pickup.

No Tangles.

Superslick coating resists line coiling that can ruin important casts.

Improves Rod Performance.

Perfected tapers are designed to maximize the efficiency of ultra modern graphite rods like the Helios.

Casts Better Longer.

Wonderline Generation 3's coating is designed and produced exclusively by Orvis. A postproduction manufacturing process, performed at our factory in Manchester, Vermont, embeds the superslick coating deeply into every line for resistance to dirt and grime. Just an occasional soap-and-water bath will ensure that your line will last for years.


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