Micro Zinger

Place one of these accessories for fishing anywhere you need an extra pocket.


Our smallest wire cord zinger pins in place so gear is always where you need it, but never in your way. Employ several Micro Zingers to ensure ample storage for all your critical fishing accessories. Length of cord 15". Measures ¾" in diameter.


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  • 4/5

    Can't loose it - 8/24/2015
    By: from Sonoma, CA

    I was always dropping my nippers, now I know where they are.

  • 5/5

    Great for organizing stuff. - 5/25/2015
    By: from Federal Way, WA

    For some reason we still haven't found a way to do away with the pin-on needle. The darned things never seem to work without the use of a microscope and a pair of tweezers. I'm 70 years old any my fingers don't work the way they used to 50 years ago.

  • 5/5

    Perfect for my small chest pack - 3/24/2014
    By: from CT
    Top 10 Contributor

    These are perfect for smaller packs,or a lanyard. If they break, Orvis will just hand you another one, no questions asked. Hope it lasts!

  • 1/5

    broke on 1st outing - 3/3/2014
    By: from Pittsburgh PA

    I bought this right before Christmas. I needed a zinger that pinned on, as others have fallen in the water. Went fishing for first time yesterday. Had my nippers on it. It wouldn't retract the first time I used it! I don't expect Orvis products to break on the first use! Will be taking it back.

  • 1/5

    not happy - 5/10/2013
    By: from San Diego, CA
    Top 500 Contributor

    Just got done with 8 hours of fishing and in the last hour I noticed it had fallen off my sling taking my nippers with it. It had always worked well but when I bought it I noticed clip holding it to my sling didn't see to stay closed very well. So now I'm out my nippers and zinger. Not happy.

  • 4/5

    very useful, even if not an angler - 12/27/2012

    although an odd stocking gift, it's so-o-o useful as a tether for subway pass and ID in the pocket of a senior.

  • 3/5

    Ok, but not the best - 10/18/2012
    By: from Wheaton, IL
    Top 500 Contributor

    I got one of these when I bought a fully loaded pack at orvis. It is ok, but not sturdy enough. It fell apart within a month.

  • 3/5


  • 1/5

    rubbish - 9/13/2012
    By: from bushmills

    It is "broken" even before I get to use it. It reminds me of an old bathroom rollerblind that only retracts a little bit at a time & after many attempts it will finally reel in. Badly constructed!

  • 5/5

    Very good 'smaller' zinger - 9/27/2011
    By: from New York, NY
    Top 250 Contributor

    I prefer this zinger for my nippers--nice and small. For forceps, I would go with regular size or such. This one attaches firmly and the clasp keeps any item firmly in place.

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The Orvis Zinger
The Orvis Premium Zinger
The Orvis Premium Zinger
One of Orvis' best-selling products was dreamed up over lunch. In 1967, Orvis owner and President Leigh H. Perkins was at lunch in Manchester, Vermont's Coburn House hotel. A waitress named Mavis attracted Perkins's attention, thanks to her order-taking pencil. This wasn't an ordinary pencil -- it was attached to a tiny retractable reel and pinned to the front of her blouse. Mavis could pull the string, write down the order, let go and the pencil would roll back up, out of the way until she needed it next.

Perkins couldn't help but stare. He realized that this handy contraption could be adapted for sporting use, that every fly fisher in the world needed just such a gizmo to keep their nippers close at hand, without risk of losing them in the water. He decided to put his idea into action, and had small stainless-steel cylinders--proudly emblazoned with the Orvis logo and dubbed "Zingers"--made and placed in his store. Fishermen jumped on the product immediately, using them to hold not only their nippers, but also nets, flashlights, and water thermometers. They were an instant success and Orvis sold millions of the handy gadgets over the years. Orvis even developed a Zinger that contains a retractable tape measure, so that you can measure your fish before releasing it. Today, Orvis sells five different types of Zingers that serve a variety of purposes.

By the way, Perkins hired that waitress, who was a valued Orvis employee for years.

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