Superfine Glass 4-weight 7'6" Fly Rod

Experience classic glass feel with this 4 -weight fiberglass fly rod.


Get ready to change the way you feel. We've applied modern Orvis taper design principles to a classic rod-building material to produce a 4-weight fiberglass fly rod that's smooth and slow, yet crisp and strong. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. With unsanded S-2 fiberglass blanks, uplocking cork and silver reel seats, and a hard chrome Litewire stripping guide, no details were spared in the making of this soon-to-be classic. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.


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  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    An amazing rod - 8/8/2014

    An amazing rod, can feel every twist and turn of the fish amazing to cast easy to mend line.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    gotta balance this with the right reel - 6/5/2014
    By: from Chattanooga,Tn

    I really like slower action rods for small to medium sized streams, and this rod fills that role beautifully. Ordinarily, I reach for bamboo in such situations, but I had always wanted to try glass. I am delighted that Orvis made that possible. So here's the skinny -- this rod has a great, understated finish, which is perfect for small stream fishing. It has a nice, soft action so you can really feel your cast in close. One suggestion, and it is not intended as a criticism -- find a slightly heavier reel for this rod than you might think that you need, maybe something in the 4 ounce range. The rod feels a little tip heavy, which I think is appropriate and even necessary for close range work, but you will want more weight in the reel to balance it at your index finger, which is where I prefer the swing to be. I think this rod and I will meet many trout this season.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Best Full Flex Glass Rod! - 6/4/2014
    By: from Pittsburgh, PA

    I purchased this rod for my father after he got done telling me that Orvis was making glass rods again. He was excited. He loves the rod after a week and has caught approximately 100 trout on it. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates a full flex rod. He said it roll casts like a dream.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Slow Clap - 5/27/2014

    You can't break this rod, and yet it's extremely sensitive and you can feel every movement of a fish. It's action is slow and graceful, yet completely practical in length and effectiveness for the majority of fly fisherman, because they are on smaller streams. You don't need a 9' high composite rod, you need a 7'6" delicate presentation rod. The Orvis shop by me sells them out when they get shipments. Try one... you'll buy one.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Effortless Power and Accuracy - 5/10/2014
    By: from Germany
    Top 25 Contributor

    "The new SUPERFINE GLASS 4 wt. 7.6ft is an extraordinaary rod. Compared to other glass rods of the same length and line weight that I know, own or tried (e.g. T&T Heirloom or EPIC) it feels lighter in hand and is not tip-heavy at all. The strange thing with that SUPERFINE glass rod is its power and delicacy melted together in a way that you will not find in a graphite rod. The rod works well with a GUIDELINE Presentation 4wt line, ORVIS 3D TROUT 4wt and the CORTLAND 444 PEACH in 4 wt. The ORVIS SUPERFINE lines 4 & 5 wt are the best line type for this rod . The TT lines with their Triangle-Taper cannot load this rod with a few metres of line outside. The other mentionend lines load the rod well on all distances, from 1 - 15 metres. This fiber glass rod is unbelieveable with dry flies or a wet fly. It will digest small streamers and #12 bead head nymphs well. You can cast tight or open loops with it, all without almost any power applied. With that rod your casts will be pin-point accurate and effortless. The cosmetics: I like the inscription style on he rod blank. Also, the cork is better compared to my SUPERFINE TOUCH rods I own. The reel seat looks classic but high grade compared to other aluminium hardware out there. In the first version of this review which I retracted, I wrote " The rod tube came heavily scratched and unlabelled inside the plastic bag that is not protecting the tube at all, not even during normal transport". When looking very careful at these "scratches" with high magnification and a good illumination I could see that these longitudinal light green "scratches" are only inhomogeneities inside the glass fiber material from which the tube is made. Similar little structures you will find in the butt section of the blank itself. So its part of the material and as such now perfectly explainable. ORVIS should put the rod type name in an old typewriter style into the silver old style ORVIS label. I would give ten stars if that would be possible for that glass rod to ORVIS and the rod designer Shawn Combs who created an incredible Taper design! I recommend this rod highly."

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Super Superfine Glass! - 4/23/2014
    By: from Flourtown, PA

    Bought the 7'6"-4 and the 7'-3 and love both rods. Weight forward Hydros on the 7"6" w/the New CFO III and DT Hydros on the 7'-3 w/a Hardy featherweight. Both rods perform beautifully and are reminiscent of my Golden Eagle rods but the actions are much nicer. A+

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    unreal. - 4/21/2014
    By: from Carmel, In.

    I recently picked this rod up and I have to say that this rod will change your fishing. Pinpoint accurate casts and no problem with hucking 60' with it either. I don't know what voodoo Sean Combs put in this rod but I love it. Casting this rod is hypnotic once you get in the rhythm of it. It is slow, but FAR from noodly or wimpy. I'm ordering the 5 and 3 this week.

  • 5/5 stars 5/5

    Fantastic Rod - 1/18/2014
    By: from Manchester VT

    Love the quality and craftsmanship. Casts great. I was impressed on how light this rod felt in my hand. Loving this in my local pocket waters. Great complement to my 10' Helios and Helios Switch

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