Women's Mountain River Lanyard

This fly-fishing lanyard is perfect for all of your accessories.


Carry everything you'll need for a day on the stream with this ergonomic and handy fly-fishing lanyard, designed specifically with the female angler in mind. With a horizontal tippet spool carrier, floatant caddy, two foam fly patches, four stainless clips to hold tools, a shirt clip, and a fly-drying chamois, the only thing missing is a fish on the end of the line. Features a padded neck area and an adjusting lock that doubles as an emergency breakaway. Garnished with a variety of African mosaic turquoise beads and finished with rich pewter antique silver rounds. Available as a fully-loaded model.


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  • 1/5

    It broke - had to return it - 10/10/2015
    By: from Phoenix, AZ

    Used it on about 5 fishing trips before it broke at the neck & I lost my forceps, floatant, flys & nippers in the river. Orvis was great - replaced the lanyard with the original items (e.g small forceps, floatant caddy, chamois, nippers, etc), but I lost the flys I had made. Now that we've been fishing for a few years, I now realize that I can carry these items very easily in/on my waist pack & a little zip line or two - more convenient than the lanyard that tended to get tangled in my waist pack.

  • 2/5

    my first return - 3/26/2015
    By: from MT

    After several years, this is my first item to be returned to Orvis - and they were great about it (I've always appreciated their customer service - knowledgeable, professional, courteous). I bought this for my wife and its a nice set up, but the clasp released too easily several times before we got on the water. I understand it is designed to release when snagged on brush etc - but this had too light a touch and was bound to result in lost essentials while on the water.

  • 2/5

    Super Bummed - 2/21/2014
    By: from Boulder, CO

    It broke only after a few light uses. Super disappointed to find that the beads were strung over monofilament line, because the line is where it broke for seemingly no reason. I lost all of my tippet, scissors and flies I had on it in the river.

  • 3/5


    Disappointed in comparison to previous lanyard. The lanyard cord does not seem to be as substantial and the beads are strung over monofilament that I do not believe will have the longevity of older lanyards. Wanted the lanyard for the silver and turquoise beads.

  • 5/5

    Great piece of gear - 1/6/2014
    By: from North Carolina

    Easy to use, well thought out, and light weight. Great piece of gear

  • 5/5

    No dainty substitutions here! - 7/8/2013
    By: from Arlington, VA

    After the collapse of my old, NON_Orvis lanyard, I replaced it with the new Women's Lanyard. No dainty substitutions here! Metal clip to hold it to your shirt or belt (my old one was plastic), big, sturdy wire clips for your stuff (my old ones were smaller and broke off), easy on-off tippet spool holder (my old one cost me fingernails), and best of all, a shorter, easily adjusted length so I can change it without wrestling when I wear heavier or lighter clothing. Oh, and a good heavy cord to pin the plastic envelope to for the pay-and-dispaly states. I had my own doo-dads, so I got the "unloaded" model, and I couldn't be more pleased. Only thing I didn't care for was the little neoprene floatant bottle sock, but if you're not choosey about your floatant you might not worry about it falling out. Full Disclosure--I bought a Loaded Lanyard for my sister last year and was jealous when she showed it to me. Turned out my old one was not "perfectly good!" Lucky me.

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