The Orvis Cookbook

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from the Orvis Cookbook

Reprinted by permission of the publishers, Lyons & Burford, from
The Orvis Cookbook (£19.00). All rights reserved.

Nothing completes the outdoor experience like preparing and presenting your own wild game for the enjoyment of your family and friends. It is well known that Orvis chairman Leigh Perkins and his wife Romi spend an inordinate amount of time hunting and fishing throughout the world. Over their many years of hunting and fishing together, Romi Perkins has developed quite a reputation for wild game recipes. She shares many of her favourites in the The Orvis Cookbook which is available for purchase online.

With the permission of the publishers, Lyons & Burford, we will be presenting selected recipes here for your enjoyment. Some of them are quite involved and time consuming. Some of them are surprisingly simple and quick. All of them are delectable. Bon Apetit!