Safe Passage Fly Fishing Luggage

With its unique combination of rugged durability and sport-inspired styling, Orvis Safe Passage Luggage is designed to keep your clothing, valuables, and gear organised, safe, and dry. Exclusive polyurethane-coated Velocity nylon fabric, water-resistant pockets, stitchless seams, wetsuit-style zips, and ballistic trim in wear-prone areas all work together to create luggage that can take you anywhere.

See Safe Passage in Action!

Watch as Tom Rosenbauer, Marketing Director for Orvis Rod and Tackle, uses the Safe Passage Kit Bag to organise his gear.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Cleaning Safe Passage fabric is easy: just gently wipe with a sponge using a mild detergent and warm, sudsy water. Additional stain-resistant products, such as Scotchguard™, may be applied if you choose.

Designed for Lightweight, durable travel

Originally designed for technical fishing travel, Safe Passage Luggage incorporates lightweight, state-of-the-art designs and features to let you travel worry free anyplace on the globe. Whether you find yourself jetting from London to Paris or hopping a floatplane between remote fishing camps in uncharted wilderness, you can count on Safe Passage Luggage to keep your gear safe and dry.

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