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Women’s Shirts

The blouse makes the outfit. Whatever tone you’re trying to set, our selection of women’s shirts will afford you just the top to set your look off perfectly. So many elements combine to create the impression made by this article of clothing. Women’s tops might be crafted from a formal non-iron fabric, or from a feminine, flowing material that exudes a delicate charm. A button-up cotton blouse makes a completely different statement depending solely on whether it has or hasn’t a collar. A floral blouse can be casual and breezy for summer, whilst a plaid blouse can either feel cosy or quite formal with nothing more than a change of colour schemes.

With so many variables at play, you can rest assured knowing you have Orvis expertise on your side. We have decades of experience studying the finer details of sophisticated apparel, and have spent just as long seeking out producers of best materials in the world. Our relationships with premier weavers and fabric mills allow us to bring you women’s shirts that are crafted from superior cloth, made all the more flattering and comfortable by our depth of knowledge in design. This is the process that brings you our women’s non-iron shirts, the softest wrinkle-resistant formula that you’ll find anywhere—so comfortable, and so effortlessly chic, you might just toss out your iron and wear these tops every day. This is the process that allows us to offer women’s Oxford shirts that are elegant without being stuffy, comfortable without sacrificing proper fit. All of our blouses are created with the highest standards in mind, because we know that you expect nothing less than the best from Orvis.