Silver Label® Stockingfoot Waders

Our new, updated stockingfoot waders will keep you comfortable on the water longer.


Our stockingfoot waders are completely updated, top-to-bottom, for more comfort and harder fishing. A second layer of our No Sweat® fabric added from the knees down and inner-leg seams relocated to the rear of the leg reduce wear and tear at key abrasion points for longer life. A new two-way-stretch, lightweight, waterproof upper and side panel fabric moves and breathes better than other waders for more comfort. Plus, the upper tucks down neatly and quickly inside the bottom of the wader; great for hot days, low water, and driftboat fishing. A laser-cut, waterproof pocket, with a vertical zip for quick access, keeps your camera and other gear dry. The new lightweight “Y” suspenders quickly adjust for a custom fit, and the belt's slim profile is more comfortable than other belts. Attached neoprene gravel guards. Sculpted neoprene booties for a closer more comfortable fit.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.1 / 5 based on 79 reviews


63 of 79 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Excellent waders - 7/12/2013
    By: from Guilford, CT

    These waders were purchased in the spring and have been used dozens of times. They are comfortable, lightweight, and keep me dry. The shoulder straps connect easily. The wading belt is substantial. The top rolls down easily for warm days. After the trip, they dry quickly. An excellent product.

  • 5/5

    old fashioned quality - 6/27/2013
    By: from maastricht, netherlands

    it fits wonderfull. is easy to wear and no restrictions in moving . its light and you feel the quality.

  • 5/5

    Best waders ever owned!!!! - 6/3/2013
    By: from San Juan River, N.M.

    I just bought this waders because it was a great price that couldn't be passed up. I'm gald I didn't let these get by me!! I love everything about them! The breathability and comfort are amazing!!!

  • 5/5

    Silver Label Wader - 5/25/2013

    Another well-done product from Orvis. Great quality and a reasonable compact size for travelers. You have a piece of mind with Orvis waders as they have a fantastic warranty policy. I'll write more after trying them for few months.

  • 2/5

    Not what they used to be - 5/1/2013
    By: from Queen City, MO

    I have some silver label waders that bought a few years ago. They were wonderful and still are. I just needed a larger size, if you know what I mean! The new ones I bought aren't of the same quality. They are much thinner material. The shoulder strap hooks to some elastic cord around the top and is uncomfortable and doesn't provide the support like the ones that are sewn in do. I think I will move up in class next time to something else. These just seen cheaper and flimsier that the Silver Label I had before.

  • 5/5

    By: from Grover, UT

    Best waders I have ever owned. Easy on and easy off. Plenty of room and very comfortable.

  • 1/5

    Newer isn't better - 4/2/2013
    By: from Essex, Connecticut

    I an sending my waders back for a refund. The new 3 prong velcro staps look like they wouldn't last half a season. Also the feet are not XXL because they are too small for me to get my feet into. All the extra flaps and sections on the front of the waders are not needed. Please, jut make a good quality wader for a fair price.

  • 5/5

    silver label roll down stockingfoot waders - 3/30/2013
    By: from netherlands

    Amazing! Much more easily to put on than I expected. Comfortable in wearing also with squatting down. Happy to have choosen Orvis!!

  • 5/5

    like not wearing any panta - 3/12/2013
    By: from syracuse, ny

    I decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of the silver label waders when they went on sale recently. The only waders I had previously was a generic neoprene boot foot style I had purchased at a local sports store. To say the silver label waders were nothing like that old pair is to say that a Yugo is nothing like a porsche. They were very easy to both put on and take off. I barely felt the 35 deg water I stood in for two hours while fishing. The waders had a nice stretch to them and I soon forgot I even had them on when walking as they didn't hinder my normal pace at all. I have not had them long enough to speak about longevity but so far I am a very pleased fisherman. A great purchase in my opinion.

  • 5/5

    So far so Good! - 3/5/2013
    By: from Michigan

    I have had so many issues with the size and fit of waders. Either they are to small for my hips, to long, or the bigger sizes have boots sizes that are 5 times to big for my feet. I have a trip north planned this weekend and will give them the real test; however as for now they seem to fit amazing, better than any of the other 10 different brands and sizes I have tried.

Size Chart

Wader Sizing Chart
Body Size Chest Inseam Range Bootie Options Height Range Weight Range
Small 34-36 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 130-160
Medium/Short 38-40 28-30 7-9 5'5"-5'8 140-180
Medium 38-40 30-32 8-10 5'7"-5'10 140-180
Medium/Long 38-40 32-34 9-11 5'10"-6'1 140-180
Large/Short 42-44 28-30 8-10 5'7"-5'10 180-220
Large 42-44 30-32 9-11 5'10"-6'2 180-220
Large/Long 42-44 32-34 10-12 6'1"-6'4 180-220
XL/Short 46-48 28-30 9-11 5'7"-5'10 210-240
XL 46-48 30-32 10-12 5'10"-6'2 210-240
XL/Long 46-48 32-34 12-14 6'1"-6'4 210-240
XXL/Short 50-52 28-30 10-12 5'7"-5'10 220-260
XXL 50-52 30-32 12-14 5'10"-6'3 220-260

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