Access 10-weight 9' Fly Rod—Tip Flex

Experience the power of the 9' 10-weight Access saltwater fly fishing rod.


3⅝ oz. 9', 4-piece, Tip-Flex Fly Rod for 10-wt. line.

A fly fishing rod great for everything from big stripers to baby tarpon and permit. There are two reasons to own a 910-4 saltwater rod. One is wind and the other is the possibility of catching that inshore fish of a lifetime, the bull red, the big female striper, the 18 pound false albacore. The Access 910-4 fly rod is ready for all of these and is the perfect big-game rod for throwing heavy Depth Charge lines or heaving floating lines into the wind, which is an ever-present saltwater factor. Using the latest Orvis graphite technology, this rod offers you lightweight ease of casting, reduced fatigue and power to spare. Most importantly, you can have all of this at a price that up until now was impossible to offer.


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  • 2/5

    Quality Assurance Problem - 7/9/2014

    The rod broke on the third fish I hooked with this rod. The first two were 3lb. King Salmon Jacks. The rod broke on a 6 lb. Sockeye Salmon. For a rod rated for small tarpon and stripers, I expected it to handle a 6 lb. fish. My friend was using a 6 weight cheap Big Box Store rod that handled these fish with no problem. The only other person I saw with a broken rod was someone that had a 9 weight Orvis rod. The worst thing was I flew to Alaska, drove 3 hours, hiked in 3 miles and then ended up with broken rod on my first fish I hooked. A guarantee is good, but it doesn't help when you're sitting on the bank with a broken rod. Luckily, I brought a backup from another manufacturer. From reading other comments, talking to other Orvis owners, and personal experience, it appears there is a problem with the quality assurance department. If the rod is going to break, it will break the first day to maybe a week. After that, you are golden. I had a Hydros rod break shortly after I got it, after it was repaired, I have not had a problem and I have used it over 150 times since then.

  • 5/5


  • 2/5

    Expecting better quality for the price. - 10/8/2012
    By: from Vancouver, Canada

    Casting became so easy with this 10 wt rod, used it for bonefish and baby tarpon and worked just fine. However, with the Pacific Chum salmon was a different story... The rod just broke on the second piece from the tip on the first landed fish. Not sure if it's the rod quality or just bad luck. I just applied for the warranty repair...another $30 and shipping costs...Not happy.

  • 5/5

    Awesome saltwater rod - 3/29/2012
    By: from Chicago, IL.

    Took this setup into the Everglades and was so impressed with this rod. Accurate, strong, smooth that's all you need to know! Shooting flies into the mangroves and bombing flies a cross the sand flats- this 10wt does it all. Lots of back bone power but still sensitive enough to feel those light takes. Snook, reds, and baby tarpon all were caught the first time I used this rod. Handled all species tremendously.

  • 5/5

    Well Worth the Price - 8/13/2011

    I bought this rod for the sole purpose of using it in saltwater.... I took it with me to Florida. I was very please on how easiely the rod loaded even in a very brisk wind. I was using the s.a. textured saltwater line. I was also extremly happy on how well the rod ballanced out using the battenkill large arbor VI. I will buy another one except in a 12 wt for larger fish!!!!

  • 1/5

    Access 10 weight - 6/29/2011

    Bought this rod for muskies. Had the rod about 1 hour and 40 casts before the ferrule snapped. Own 3 other orvis rods and have never had a problem. However I have no faith in the ferrule design on these rods. I live in Wisconsin and don't think living in Vermont you can get a true feel for the rigors of muskie fishing. Although the rod was quickly replaced I returned it and bought something else.

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