Superfine Touch 2-weight 6' Fly Rod—Full Flex

Take on smaller streams and creeks with our full-flex performance fly fishing rod.


1¾ oz. 6', 3-piece, Full-Flex Fly Rod for 2-wt. line.

Throughout the brook trout's native range, intrepid anglers must contend with dense rhododendrons and thick canopies in order to find their hard-earned prize. The 6-foot, 2-weight Superfine Touch is the perfect way to wander those mountain streams, without having to worry about snags or finding room to backcast. Compact and light, it's the backpacking angler's dream come true. Supremely soft with a Full-Flex action, its short-distance casts load with minimal effort and fall to the water with grace, allowing you to fully enjoy—and fully feel—each strike, each fight, and each fish. Made in Manchester, Vermont.


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  • 5/5

    love my 2wt - 10/7/2014
    By: from Pasadena, CA

    I picked up a 2wt for the small creeks in the San Gabriels and this rod has not disappointed. It casts beautifully in light-wind conditions and is perfect for taking into skiddish waters. Pick one of these up and you wont regret it.

  • 5/5

    Superfine rod - 8/4/2014

    Just got mine in the mail today. Not only is it a beautiful looking rod but it casts like a dream. It's action is so smooth and I like the screw on reel seat for the occasional 16"+ fish. Hope to really put it to the test this fall. Thank you Orvis for yet another great product.

  • 5/5

    One sweet rod & reel. - 9/9/2013
    By: from Northern Virginia

    A cast I will remember. 1.5 miles up Jeremy's Run (from the bottom) in the Shenandoah Mountains, and 25 feet above a mountain pool, I cast a #14 Henderson Light with my 6' 2 weight Orvis Superfine Touch with a CFO reel. The Henderson barely touched the water when a beautiful 6" Brookie grabbed it. I landed him, admired his beauty for just a few seconds, and let him go. A picture would have been "complicated" from my precarious perch on the rocks, but the memory will last forever. The Orvis Superfine Touch is the best of my many rods (which includes quite a few Orvis Rods) for wandering around the many Shenandoah Tout Streams. It lays out beautiful 30-40 foot casts to work the pocket waters I encounter,

  • 5/5

    Great Little Rod - 1/17/2013
    By: from Chester County, PA

    I have used a Superfine 3wt for several years now as my lightweight rod and love the feel and performance of it. I wanted to get into an even lighter weight model and based on my experience with the 3wt, the choice was simple. I picked up the 2wt a few weeks ago and have already used it for small stream fishing near my home (in PA). The rod performs a lot like my 3wt, but I love the feel and sensitivity of the 2wt in my hand. I landed a 15 inch brownie on small water with ease. This 2wt is a great compliment to my collection of great Orvis rods.

  • 5/5

    My Go To Small Stream Rod - 9/26/2012
    By: from Middletown, DE

    I purchased this rod in July and it has become my "Go to" small stream rod. The rod casts so smoothly and without any effort I can make accurate pin point casts. It's small size is deceiving and has the backbone and power to handle 18' brown trout. I get compliments on its appearance even from non fly fishing people. Another great Orvis product

  • 5/5

    The Perfect Small Stream Rod - 7/23/2012
    By: from Maryland, USA

    The weight and length of this rod makes it feel like a child’s toy, but this perception quickly changes once you’re knee-deep in your favorite stream and armed with this little gem of a rod. Unlike some ultra-lights, this rod is neither too-still or "noodlely", but has the perfect combination of backbone and sensitivity. Casting is not at all fussy, just exceptional accuracy and feather-soft presentations. It will be difficult for Orvis to improve on this one!

  • 5/5

    i love this rod - 6/1/2011
    By: from iowa

    i own 4wt and 6wt helioses, which i also love, but this is now my rod of choice. it's beautiful up close, and like everybody says, casts way past 30 feet with little work. When the line hits the water, there's basically NO splash - lands like a feather. The only down side is that this 2wt will give you a new concept of windy. I never thought of a 2mph breeze being almost too much to cast in :) But when it's still; and the fish are skittish; its the way to go

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Orvis fly rods are the best! - 2/10/2011

    I consider myself an ardent Orvis customer. I have a variety of Wes Jordan era bamboo fly rods that I fish and many graphite rods of older ("All Rounder" and "HLS One Ounce") and newer vintage. My latest purchase was a Superfine Touch 602-3 for small streams I frequently fish. The full-flex action suits my casting style and I can delicately throw 10 to 30 feet of line without difficulty. The rod will punch-out more line with a simple single-haul. My favorite small stream is only 15 feet wide filled with feisty Cutthroat trout. This rod can easily handle much larger fish as the photos of my son demonstrate. Orvis has hit another fly rod - product out of the park.

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Features of the Superfine Touch Fly Rod
  • Incredibly precise casts as close as 15'.
  • Exclusive Load Ratio Technology for incredibly smooth casting stroke.
  • Classic unsanded, spiral-wrap charcoal blank.
  • Uplocking maple and anodized gold reel seat.
  • Super-grade cork handle.
  • All titanium nitrite guides.
  • Orange wraps with gold tipping.
  • Gold ferrule alignment dots.
  • Classic Superfine black and gold unsanded carbon case with original logo and rod sock.

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