Access 5-weight 9' Fly Rod—Mid Flex

The lightweight 9' 5-weight Access fly rod will serve you well on larger waters.


2⅜ oz. 9', 4-piece, Mid-Flex Fly Rod for 5-wt. line.

Access offers a version of the 9-foot-5-weight fly fishing rod with performance characteristics that are as good as any rod on the market at a price that is hard to believe. It's lightweight and yet has the ability to throw long casts in the wind across big water and fight big fish like no other 5-weight on the market. With its more traditional Mid Flex action, this rod is built with our proprietary tapers and actions developed on Helios by our rod designers, and if you haven't cast this rod yet, make sure you do, as its performance can only be appreciated in use. The Mid-Flex fly rod action allows precise casts and greater sensitivity down closer to the hand for those who like a bit more feel in their casting stroke. All this at the remarkable Access price.

  • Deep root beer color blank
  • Matching root beer woven-graphite carbon and champagne anodized aluminum gold reel seat
  • All chrome guides
  • Sunburst wraps with gold tipping
  • Gold ferrule alignment dots
  • Super grade cork handles
  • Safe Passage® rust-colored rod tube with internal dividers
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    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      New Toy For The Rivers - 4/30/2014
      By: from Alpine, UT

      I purchased this rod to replace a 20 year old clearwater 2 piece 5 weight that I will be retiring with honors. I opted for the Access 9ft 5 wt 4 pc , not that there is anything wrong with the Clearwater. I'm just wanting to get closer and closer to a Helios 2 without breaking the budget. I did comparison casting in the backyard with the Access and the old Clearwater and there is a marked difference both in weight and accuracy.. I didn't think an ounce and a half would be that noticeable. It feels good in the hand and is well balanced with a newer clearwater reel that I purchased before hand. Maybe one day when I win the lottery, I'll buy a Helios 2, but for now, I'm happy with the Access.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      A Fly Rod that shouldn't be over looked - 4/12/2014
      By: from Upstate NY

      I am truly overall pleased with the appearance and performance of this rod. The colors seem to give it an old classy look, the hardware seems to be just about right for a rod at this price point. The performance of this rod is what really impressed me. Very light in the hand with a Battenkill BBS3, casts seem almost effortless. I am very pleased with it and has become the best rod I have owned so far. I am not a novice and I am not rich so a Helios 2 was way past my budget, But this Access is a rod that shouldn't be over looked. Try it and you won't be disappointed and just maybe it will become your favorite too.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      Work of Art - 10/21/2013
      By: from MG Buckinghamshire

      My first impression On receipt of my Work of Art was the packaging, it gets better. The rod case quality is second to none, and then unzipping the case to reveal that each section of which there are four each contained a section of my Work of Art. The quality and workmanship makes this rod an absolute pleasure to own. This in combination with my Orvis real makes this a perfectly balanced combination which I am sure will last me many years and give me everlasting pleasure.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      value for money - 9/14/2013
      By: from Wassenaazr Netherlands

      Well balanced rod for souple and large casts. Length ok, specially when the borders are a bit rough the 15 cm. more is welcome.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      Access 5 weight 9' mid flex - 7/16/2013
      By: from Oregon

      I bought a access mid flex 9' 5 weight rod and was very pleased at the casting ability it provides for a beginner in this sport. I look forward to many years of using this amazing product.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      Rod breaks--Customer Service Great! - 5/15/2013
      By: from Hollidaysburg, PA

      While fishing a small PA stream, I snagged an underwater root. I gave a gentle jerk to free my fly and Access rod broke! I called customer service the next morning. I spoke with Patrick. I explained what happened and he was very apologetic. I shipped the rod back on Wednesday and on the following Monday I had a brand new rod on my doorstep. My old rod could not be repaired, so a new rod was shipped immediately! I did not miss a day of fishing. I also learned that your local Orvis dealer will return the rod and save you money on the handling charges....and if you go to your local ORVIS shop they will almost always give you a loaner rod so you don't miss a day of fishing! Great job Patrick..and great job ORVIS! The best customer service around!

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      Phenomenal Rod! - 4/8/2013
      By: from Bradford, PA

      I would first like to say that about 6 years ago I started fly fishing with a Cortland Walmart special...However, thanks to my graduation and my mother being so wonderful I received the Orvis Access rod for a gift. I got it the night I walked across the stage and when I saw the quality and the fact that even my signature was on the rod I instantly fell in love. Now, for my purposes this rod has been absolutely perfect. Enough back bone to really whip it out across water, but at the same time enough delicacy to fish for the little brookies that inhabit local streams. The first time I put this rod together and started casting it I almost fainted, thinking now that this must be what a good fly rod feels like. It has now been many months with it and I feel I have tested it to the fullest and I am still just as and most definitely more thrilled to own it than the day I received it. Just the pure quality and the way Orvis stands behind their products is fantastic. This was really a very big upgrade to my past equipment. And last but not least, I will soon be purchasing another Orvis rod or two in the near future and I am sure I will be just as thrilled. This rod has shaped me into the crazy everyday fly fisherman that I have become since receiving it. Thanks Orvis. Sincerely, Jordan Packard

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      Easy Access for a beginner - 1/26/2013
      By: from Los Angeles, CA

      I bought this rod to replace my first ever fly rod 5wt 8'6" 3pcs which I bought from a big store brand clearance bin. Anyway, it was very difficult for me as a beginner who never had a casting class to throw those tight loops even in a windless warehouse. However, this Access 905-4 changed everything after just 2 short practice sessions in the park and in my backyard (facing the wind). This rod is very forgiving for any kind of beginner mistakes. I could feel the tip was bending in my back cast, and tight loops in the front cast. It helps me with my backcast timing. I still need some consistency and minor adjustment but this rod is a great helper. I am more confident beginner from now on.

    • 3/5 stars 3/5

      Technicalities - 9/9/2012
      By: from Massachusetts

      I got this rod a couple days ago and have only lawn cast it a little. In this regard it was a good rod. I, not being a highly experienced fly fisherman had no complaints nor great praises. However, being a bit of a specifications freak I decided to measure the rod where I found two areas of concern: (1) The joints of the rod do not touch by roughly 3/4 inch. This shouldn't prove much of an issue, but makes me feel a little nervous when using the rod. (2) More seriously, I weighed the rod. It measured in at 2.8oz. or 2.5 ozt. 2.8oz. is 20% heavier than the 2 3/8oz. marked on the rod, and if they were using troy ounces (ozt.) then it should have been marked that way! As this rod is still lighter than my previous rod I cannot speak to how much difference it makes, yet this is slightly disappointing.

    • 5/5 stars 5/5

      New rod - With my name on it! - 9/4/2012
      By: from Northern Norway (Bodoe)

      To an aspiring fly-fisher and trout-lover, this rod seems like a perfect all-rounder. I will have to consider a second 3-wt superfine-rouch rod too. Light, responsive and seems to load quite well. For a small fee, I got my name nicely inscribed too. Not that I really needed that - but now it's clearly mine! ;-) Great feature for a gift. Rod and tube (which is quite rugged) is 730 grams total. Up till now, I have have used a 9-ft 2-pc rod - which was always hard to carry on my rucksack in "branchy" woods.

    Learn More

    Access Fly Rods

    Cast this rod once and you'll question the low price.
    Cast it twice and you won't fish without it.

    Pay more for remarkably lightweight performance? There is no longer a reason. The new Orvis Access™ Rod Series offers true premium-rod, weightless performance at a remarkably accessible price. The carbon-based composite blanks are impregnated with a new epoxy-based resin system with plasticizers for a stronger composite. This is a proprietary new material demonstrating an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making these rods even lighter than some higher-priced models. Using proprietary tapers and actions perfected on Helios™ by Orvis rod designers over the past two years, Access rods offer a performance-to-price ratio unheard of in the industry until now. Access rods cast with the same power and precision as the highest-price rods on the market, are just as light if not lighter, and yet come at a price that is accessible to everyone.

    Access rods feature:

    • New material with remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.
    • Lighter than most premium rods.
    • Remarkably smooth and precise casting stroke.
    • Root beer blank and woven-graphite carbon and champagne anodized aluminum gold reel seat.
    • All chrome guides.
    • Sunburst wraps with gold tipping.
    • Gold ferrule alignment dots.
    • Saltwater reel seat with cork-and-rubber butt.
    • Super-grade cork handles.
    • Safe Passage rod tube with internal dividers.
    Charity Rod Swap: Donate your old rod to
    Fishing For Forces and save 20% on a new one.

    Offer valid on full-price rod purchase only. Prices as marked reflect the discount. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, send in a usable fishing rod to Clearwater House, North Way, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5RW. Please clearly mark 'Charity Rod Swap' on the packaging.

    Offer expires 31 July 2014, at 11:59 PM GMT.

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