Superfine Touch 2-weight 8' Fly Rod—Full Flex

Classic design meets superior performance in our Superfine fly fishing rods.


2½ oz. 8', 4-piece, Full-Flex Fly Rod for 2-wt. line.

On a glassy, calm pool, with fish that have seen it all before, having a soft presentation and a lifelike drift is imperative. Even on the smallest of streams, sometimes a 7-foot rod just won't do. That's where the Superfine Touch 802-4 excels. It's long enough to make all the casts and deftly control the line, yet lightweight and delicate enough to fish spring creeks and size 24 dries. High-stick through a riffle, then head upstream and drift a Griffith's Gnat down the slickest of water. With its Full-Flex action, you will feel every movement, from the fly all the way to the tips of your fingers. Made in Manchester, Vermont.


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