Superfine Touch 3-weight 8'6" Fly Rod—Full Flex

Our Superfine Touch fly fishing rod offers a balance of power and control.


2¼ oz. 8'6", 4-piece, Full-Flex Fly Rod for 3-wt. line.

Fishing southern tailwaters typically requires tiny flies, delicate presentations, and lifelike drifts. Next time, let the rod do the finesse work for you. Light and smooth, but never rushed, the Superfine Touch 863-4 appreciates a slightly more subtle approach than its tip-flex cousins, and at 8'6", has wonderful mending capabilities, yet loads smoothly, with a Full-Flex action perfectly suited for size 22 Blue-winged Olives or size 24 Zebra Midges. Explore streams large or small, and know that your fly will be in good hands. Made in Manchester, Vermont.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.9 / 5 based on 10 reviews


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  • 5/5

    Awesome Rod! - 11/14/2014
    By: from Louisville, KY

    I'm pretty new to fly fishing and have a few small streams nearby. I started with a typical 9' 5wt faster action rod but quickly learned a little shorter and a slower action seemed to be a better fit for the waters I was fishing. Wasn't sure about being able to cast a slower rod well, but after trying them out at my local Orvis store, it was a breeze to cast. Got the 8' 4wt SFT and it was great for the water I fish. As Fall came I wanted to fish mostly nymphs and figured a little more length might be better so I added the 8'6" 3wt. It is perfect! I have enjoyed these SFT rods so much I went a little crazy and picked up an 8' 2wt and an 8'6" 5wt to fill out the collection. Then I just couldn't pass up the little 7'6" 1wt just for fun. Can't wait to try it out.

  • 5/5

    Excellent rod! - 11/9/2014
    By: from Miami, Florida

    I am an endorsed guide here in S.Fla with Orvis but I trout fish many weeks each year. this year it was Oil Creek in PA, the High Sierras in CA for Kern river bows and golden trout also NM for Rio cuts. I always wanted a "superfine touch" and got one in the 3wt size. I took it to Oil Creek and fell in love with it! Its a quality rod with the perfect flex and its beautiful to boot! I caught over the summer too many trout to count on drys with it from #18 caddis flies to 32 CDC's. Many times I would intentionally bend the rod to the point of where I believed it would snap with a trout close to my knees and a lot of pressure on it for the flex test and it never wavered. Its got flex but loads-backbone but flexes on the fight and made in the U.S. I give it 5 stars and with the Orvis rod teams excellent service I suggest one in your gun rack...

  • 5/5

    Perfect - 10/17/2014
    By: from Boise, ID

    This rod has been an amazing addition to my fly rod collection. The precision casts and soft presentations combined with the ability to handle larger (20+ inch) fish make this rod perfect for fishing all size streams and rivers. Did I also mention that it is beautifully made?

  • 5/5

    A nice change - 9/5/2014
    By: from New Richmond, WI

    I've fished ever faster rods as they came out. Finally realizing that a small stream trout rod has requirements not met by them, I tried the Superfine. While it has enough backbone to use spey techniques in tight cover, using small stream tactics, it presents a dry fly very nicely. The length of 8.5 ft allows good line control. The 3 wt is great. I am very satisfied that the rod has met my needs. Thank you

  • 5/5

    Super Superfine 8'6" 3wt - 8/31/2014
    By: from Centurion, South Africa

    I rigged my new Orvis Superfine rod with an Orvis Mid-arbor II reel and a Rio LT WF3F line and what a super combination it turned out to be. It's ideally suited for my small stream fishing in Mpumalanga, South Africa as well as for small still water trout fishing. Thanks Orvis!

  • 5/5

    Full Flex Superfine Touch Delivers - 8/19/2014
    By: from Bloomington, MN

    After using the 3-weight, 8 foot 6 inch Superfine Touch rod I'm very happy that full flex does not mean "wimpy flex." This rod is light in the hand, easy to cast, and has more backbone than I expected. I was able to cast a full range of dry flies and was impressed by both the distance and the delicacy with which the line and flies responded. Balances perfectly with my Battenkill 11 reel. A real winner!

  • 5/5

    Superfine Touch 3-weight 8'6" - 5/19/2014

    Great rod! super light and beautifully finished. I was impressed by its great dynamic range, loads with little line, yet it does very well at longer distances. Very accurate and easy casts.

  • 5/5

    OMG - 4/3/2014

    Fantastic rod. Light touch for dropping the fly on the most skidish trout in my home streams of Pennsylvania.

  • 5/5

    Excellent - 8/7/2013

    Most beautiful fly rod...responsive, well-made and delivered when expected.

  • 4/5

    Super. Fine. - 4/18/2012
    Top 250 Contributor

    I had never casted, let alone, owned a full flex-rod so I have little to compare it to. I'm certain that if I try others, they will not compare. I am very pleased with (and amazed at) its ability to load with very little line. It's a much welcomed addition to the stable of mid- and tip-flex Helios rods I have. If you haven't tried one you are missing out. I am considering another.

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