Superfine Touch 4-weight 9' Fly Rod—Full Flex

Superfine fly rods are designed with classic style and superior performance.


2⅜ oz. 9', 4-piece, Full-Flex Fly Rod for 4-wt. line.

Even on large, rolling rivers, a perfect presentation and excellent drift can separate your fly from the rest, making it nearly irresistible to even the most wary of trout. With a full 9-foot reach and a surprising bit of power built into its 4-weight frame, the Superfine Touch 904-4 is a versatile, lightweight, Full-Flex rod that excels with the dry fly on streams both large and small. Double dry rigs turnover with little effort, and mending has never been easier with a rod this smooth. It's a perfect dry-fly rod, designed for anglers who value a relaxed action and just a little extra reach. Made in Manchester, Vermont.


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12 of 13 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Review - 8/19/2014
    By: from Bentonville, AR

    What an awesome product. Casts better than any other rod that I have ever used.

  • 5/5

    New vs. Old - 8/3/2014
    By: from Latrobe,Pa.

    Received my Orvis Touch Full-Flex 9' - 4wt a week ago. First, I very much appreciate Orvis finding a dealer closer to my home and having them send the rod so I would receive it sooner. I presently own four of the original Full-Flex series rods. I'm very glad to see Orvis continuing to build a so called ( slower action ) rod! All my hometown streams are less than sixty feet wide,as are most of the streams I fish throughout my state and neighboring states. I have never had the need to go with a more faster more powerful rod action that the majority of the rod manufacturers are offering. Glad that Orvis builds a variety and lets "me" select the type of rod action "I" want to fish with! New vs. old. The new Full-Flex definitely has a little more power ( if that's your thing )and is not quite as soft as the original Full-Flex series. I must say though,very close. But just like it's predecessor,it's very comfortable and pleasing to fish! The only negative thing I can say about the rod is, did Orvis have to display it's name so many times on the rod? You added such a beautiful reel seat spacer on this rod,only to cover most of it up with your company name. I'm sure your proud of this rod as you should be. But your name and the model on the rod blank I think is sufficient. The rest is a little tacky. My opinion!

  • 5/5

    Superfine touch fly rod - 5/9/2014
    By: from Fort Worth, TX, USA

    I've never used a full flex rod and wanted to try one. Casting is easier than I would have thought and dealing with the wind is less of a problem than I've been led to believe. The rod action is smooth and casting is virtually effortless. At 30-40 feet, on calm days, this is the rod for gentle presentations in my hands. Love it.

  • 5/5

    An exceptional purchase, as always - 1/3/2014
    By: from Portugal

    I usually fish with very small flies on a very light tippet (7 to 9x). The full flex feature of this rod protects the light tippet and no break-offs. I already own a 8' 2wt Touch and it is the best Small Stream rod I have ever used. I love it!

  • 5/5

    Terrific Touch - 12/27/2013
    By: from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
    Top 10 Contributor

    I originally passed on this rod in favor of a Helios 3. Then my wife went into my local Orvis store, where I am friends with all of the staff, and my buddies sold her this 4 wt. as an anniversary present for me. It turns out I absolutely love this rod. It delivers the lightest dry fly without a ripple. It turns over like a dream. I would highly recommend this rod.

  • 5/5

    My favorite rod - 12/25/2013

    This is definitely my favorite rod in any category. I love the action: it's "full" as stated of course, but it isn't noodly and it is very accurate. As a result of its action and my casting style it is far better at range than even advertised (although it is best under 30 or 40 ft). But I would say I can reliably cast it 60 without much effort. The line that comes with it is very nice and aids with casting. Lastly, the finish on the rod is gorgeous - my favorite finish in the Orvis line. Very elegant rod in every respect - but no less powerful for it.

  • 5/5

    904-4 Superfine - 7/28/2013
    By: from Mansfield, PA

    Orvis has done it again! An excellent rod. Bought it for some medium to larger rivers in the area. The rod is silky smooth and and for a 4wt casts at great distances with ease. Not to mention the gorgeous looks of the rod. Rolls tandem dry rigs over perfectly and makes the fight on big browns even more exciting. Only had the rod for about 2 weeks and already landed multiple wild browns over 20". I love the rod and can't seem to put it down!

  • 5/5

    904-4 superfine touch - 6/4/2013
    By: from Reno Nv

    Bought this 4wt superfine for smaller fish on smaller waters. The rod, i love! the Superfine 4wt line, i hate.... Well, i hate it for my style and application. Up close, this line does not cast well and simply does not have the weight to mend or roll cast. Get about 15 feet out and it casts well and presents well, just don't try to roll cast. I swapped out lines to the Hydros 4wt 3D, and this combination is AQSOME. the line will literally FALL through the guides. It does not present with the delicacy that the superfine line did, but hey, there has to be a rub, right???

  • 5/5

    Superfine=SuperAwesome - 10/8/2012
    By: from Erie, PA

    The Orvis Superfine Touch rod is absolutely amazing, I loved it from the very first cast…First things first… the rod is absolutely gorgeous… hands down one of the sexiest rods I have ever picked up in my life. I have used the rod a half dozen times and it handled 16 inch browns/rainbows and a couple 14in smallmouths with ease… I have caught some natives however, and you can still feel the fish fight. It casts just like it says so smooth and relaxed between 15’ to I would say 40’, and the presentation is delicate and accurate. I love this rod and I’m looking forward to purchasing from Orvis again in the future.

  • 5/5

    Not what it used to be, but still the finest. - 8/3/2012
    By: from Western Australia

    I have started fishing the full action Orvis rods way back in the early 80's - two of may favourites are a Western 2# and a 1# that weighed less than an ounce. My two new Superfines are a chip of the old block, but they just are not finished as the old ones were finished - small things, but it is noticeable. However, as I expected, they are a dream to cast - not super fast stiff sticks with no finesse like some of the very expensive lightweights from the west coast. A sheer joy to have and to use.

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