River Guard Clearwater II Boot

You'll appreciate the sure footing and lasting comfort of our men's fly fishing boots.


Built on the same last as the Easy-On Brogue, the new Clearwater® II fly fishing boot's lightweight, yet rugged synthetic upper resists damage from rocks and debris as well as rot, mildew, and ultraviolet radiation. The work and hunting boot welt construction minimizes sole torsion and provides complete, over-the-ankle protection and support. The boot is constructed from durable polyurethane and high-density nylon mesh to provide years of use. The toe cap and heel counter are wrapped in textured rubber to add additional protection in high wear areas. The Orvis-exclusive EcoTraX soles have a proprietary lug pattern with sharp leading edges to afford the angler better traction. Comes with 20 pre-installed PosiGrip Screw-In Studs for added security in slippery environments. Screen-covered drain holes. In charcoal and tan.
In men's whole sizes: 6-14. Weighs 4 lbs 6oz. in size 9.


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  • 4/5

    Good Buy - 4/30/2014
    By: from Scotland

    Very comfortable and a great fit, I contacted Orvis Chat to check the size I required, Dan worked this out for me. thanks Dan. Have only used once and these do the job. My only concern is the plastic top eyelets , I hope these are strong enough to last.

  • 5/5


  • 4/5

    why fit rubbish laces - 6/24/2013

    Orvis come on why fit rubbish laces to great wadding boots? I see from reviews i'm not the only person to have experienced this. the boot itself is great. oh one other thing not enough studs in them so add another £30 to the price because you will need to buy a box of studs

  • 5/5

    brilliant! - 2/19/2013
    By: from Scotland

    best wading boots i have ever owned ,normaly i go through a couple of pairs a season these have almost completed there second year, very good value for money!

  • 5/5

    well made - 3/6/2012
    By: from Ridgway, CO

    These boots are heavier than my old ones but seem very well made. They are generously sized, I ordered my normal size and they have plenty of room for wool socks and waders.

  • 5/5

    Real Deal on Rubber - 3/4/2012
    By: from Naperville, IL
    Top 25 Contributor

    Just took delivery of the River Guard. After seeing this deal on the web, I had to try on a pair at my local Orvis... Of course, this particular boot wasn't in stock, so I tried on the Brogue - as they mention both boots are built on the same last... ordered my street shoe size and at delivery - perfect fit, same feel. One criticism, as some have mentioned - cheap laces, and sharp corners on the upper grommets impaled the laces easily... so I rounded the corners - they we're deep enough to accept any lace, anyway. If necessary at some point, I'll buy a pair of the Brogue Laces for a couple bucks - I saved plenty on these boots... For my first rubber wading boot, they are of excellent construction, the studs are ample in size and quantity - plus a couple spares and tool were included... makes for a great value compared to other brands - a real deal for rubber studded boots - as states crack down on felt... can't wait for Spring to get on water with these.

  • 4/5

    The Jury is still out - 3/2/2012
    By: from Teutopolis,IL

    This pair of wading boots is replacing my felt soled boots,which have been banned from my fishing stream. It looked like there were too few studs on the walking surfaces, so I bought extra studs to add 6 to each boots. I have not had a chance to use them in a stream yet but did try them on with my waders and they fee real comfortable. I will update after use in April. I Can't wait until I can try them out.

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Great Purchase - 3/1/2012
    By: from Houston, TX

    Got these on clearance and couldn't ask for a better shoe at such a good price.

  • 5/5

    River Guard Clearwater II Boot - 2/29/2012
    By: from Maryland

    An exceptional value that fits and wears well over stocking foot waders, this boot is a great replacement for felts.

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Being fortunate to fish as many different rivers as I do, I recognize how important it is to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasives. That's why I'm so excited about our new River Guard wading boot series with EcoTraX. They go a long way toward that end." Dave Perkins, Orvis Vice Chairman.

Help Stem the Spread of Aquatic Invasives — Inspect, Clean, & Dry Your Gear.

As the threat of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) such as New Zealand mud snails and Didymo grows, anglers wonder what’s the best way to care for gear to help stem their spread.

“The best way to care for your gear to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives is to
Inspect, Clean, and Dry your gear."
– Dave Kumlein, Whirling Disease Foundation

  • Inspect gear and remove mud and vegetation before leaving a fishing location.
  • Clean gear with hot water (= or > 104° F / 40° C).*
  • Dry gear thoroughly before entering new water.

* Chemicals used to clean gear are harsh on gear and environmentally harmful. Orvis and most leading conservation organizations do not recommend them.

Felt-soled wading boots - one source of the spread of ANS

While birds, wildlife, and outdoor pursuits other than angling can carry ANS from watershed to watershed, we anglers play a part. Felt soles on wader boots are the primary concern of anglers, as they make the most contact with the river bottom where ANS live. Combine that with felt being absorbent and slow to dry, and they become the #1 carrier of ANS due to angling.

The Innovative Design of River Guard Wading Boots with EcoTraX™ Soles

Our new River Guard Wading Boots with EcoTraX™ Soles help stem the spread of ANS because ANS can’t cling to them as well as to felt. EcoTraX soles also dry exponentially faster than felt, which can take days to dry thoroughly enough for absorbed ANS to die.

PosiGrip screw-in studs.New EcoTraX sole treads, exclusive to Orvis, have special sharp edges on the lugged cross pattern to grab better than other rubber soles. We include PosiGrip™ screw-in studs, so you get the best traction in varied conditions for added safety.

While there’s no panacea to stop the spread of ANS, new River Guard boots go a long way to help.

“Our higher purpose as a company is to introduce our customers to the natural world;
show them the infinite reward of the experience and the lifestyle that surrounds it;
and perhaps most importantly, work with them to ensure its survival.”

– Perk Perkins, Orvis CEO

Wash invasives away with rubber sole wading boots.

Wash invasives away! Rubber soles make washing off invasive species far easier. The smooth non-absorbent surface, unlike felt that absorbs water and spores that can remain in it for weeks on end, gives spores and the like no place to take root or “hide.’’


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