Denim Pleated Chinos

Try our pleated men's denim jeans for a classic fit you can wear all year long.


Relax in virtually any climate or season. The best of both worlds joins up with the comfort of 100% cotton denim and the relaxed fit of chinos. The denim twill weighs a bit less than Orvis Classic Jeans denim, yet remains more substantial than typical chino fabric for trousers. Two button-close rear pockets. Pleated jeans in dark indigo. 100% cotton. Washable. Belt not included.
Sizes: 32-46. Finished up to 34" with turn-ups or plain finished up to 35" at no extra charge.

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Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.3 / 5 based on 174 reviews


147 of 174 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    most comfortable jeans - 10/29/2014

    I have been looking all over the USA to find pleated jeans. The only place I found is at Orvis. This is the most comfortable pleated jeans I got compare to Dockers and other known brand name.

  • 4/5

    Nice looking pants - 10/7/2014
    By: from Minnesota

    The pleated denim chinos are a dressy looking pair of jeans. They are well made, although a little darker in color than the photo. The legs are wider than I would prefer, however I am happy with the purchase. It's hard to find a similar product anywhere else. I would recommend these.

  • 5/5

    Great Pants - 9/11/2014
    By: from Indiana

    I have worn these pants for years. They are great pants for casual work, Saturday at the park, or wherever your path takes you. They fit nicely and wear well. I would venture in saying this is my 6th or 7th pair.

  • 5/5

    Good For an Older Man - 8/12/2014
    By: from Kansas
    Top 500 Contributor

    We have had these before and they wear so well and fit so nice, especially an older man that his butt has gone south!

  • 5/5

    Denim chinos - 7/30/2014
    By: from Alexandria VA

    Usual very good Orvis quality. Good fit. Good finish. No problem recommending this product.

  • 5/5

    Best Purchase Online! - 7/29/2014
    By: from Captain Cook, Hawaii

    I was very pleased with the quality & how well the pants fit me...I will continue to shop with Orvis... Thank You!

  • 5/5

    I love these Pants:) - 7/25/2014
    By: from Montclair,CA

    I love these pants. I ordered one before and now I ordered 4 more. They are very comfortable and very nice casual pants to wear on Fridays:) All of my friends liked them so much:)

  • 5/5

    Great Jeans - 7/22/2014
    By: from Austin, TX
    Top 500 Contributor

    These are the absolutely best jeans and the most comfortable I've ever owned. A little heavier material and cut so they are very comfortable. I have two pair and this will be the only jeans I buy from now on.

  • 5/5

    A repeat order - 7/16/2014
    By: from NJ

    Orvis seems to be the only ones around who still carry pleated jeans. I like that they look great with a polo shirt and dress up nicely with a sports coat. They come out of the dryer ready to wear. Fit is true to size and, unlike many other jeans, they are comfortable to wear. Altogether I am very pleased with this product.

  • 5/5

    Solid Pants! - 7/16/2014
    By: from Pennsylvania

    I have been looking for some time for a good pair of denim trousers with a pant cut, not a jean cut. And I've found them. The quality and workmanship is excellent.I ordered my normal size and the fit is right. I am writing this prior to the first washing, but I really don't expect that to change my assessment. I plan to be back for more of these!

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The Individual Beauty of Indigo Yarn

Indigo Linen Pleated TrousersIndigo refers to the several species of Indigoferra, an herb famous for the natural blue colours obtained from its leaves and branches. Blue is the most rare of all natural dyes. The wide appeal of indigo stems from the subtle variations in colouring it produces. Every indigo-dyed garment has its own personality. This is the result of a complex series of chemical reactions between the dye and the fiber being dyed.

Indigo was well loved by ancient Indians and Egyptians. In early European societies, blue dye was obtained from the woad plant that grew extensively in what is now France and England. When defending their territory against Roman soldiers, the early Britons painted their faces blue to scare the enemy. In fact, the word "Briton" means "painted man." Eventually, the more superior indigo dye of India replaced European woad.

Widely used since the Middle Ages, indigo has left its mark on societies as diverse as the fiercely independent, nomadic Tuareg, the so-called blue men of the Sahara, and colonial Louisiana, where indigo was king until it was usurped by cotton. In the 1800's, indigo was brought into modern society with the development of synthetic dyes. Chemist Adolf Von Baeyer first synthesized indigo, changing the textile industry and earning a Nobel Prize.

The power and symbolism of indigo blue continued into modern times. Coats supplied by the French to American soldiers during the Revolution were dyed with indigo. As the new country expanded and found its own identity, the blue jean-dyed with indigo-became a symbol of American individualism.

As a modern industrial process, there is still an art to the production of high-quality indigo dying. We're proud to bring you only the world's best, authentic indigo-dyed garments. Indigo yarns now make it possible to bridge the gap between jeans and active sportswear with what is now the 'alternative denim.' As an indigo yarn garment is worn and washed it will fade and take on the attractive patina of well-loved jeans.

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