Easy-Mend Floating Switch Line

Our fly fishing switch line offers superior control on the water.


A longer head version of the original Orvis fly-fishing switch line. Designed to give anglers a longer head for mending and line control on the water. Great for nymphing with indicators or swinging streamers across big water. Quick transition to running line still allows line used as an integrated shooting head. Can be combined with PolyLeaders for added versatility. Lines are weighted to match perfectly with Helios™ and Access™ Switch rods. Pale chartreuse line with fl. orange back taper. WF 5-10. Overall head length is 43'. Total fly-fishing switch line length is 125'. Grain weights at 43': WF5 300 grains, WF6 340 grains, WF7 380 grains, WF8 420 grains, WF9 520 grains, WF10 580 grains.


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