Improved Water-Resistant Bed Liner

Dog bed replacement liners are a great way to give old dog beds new life.


Designed to fit over your existing liner, this water-resistant liner has been specifically engineered to prevent accidents and spills from reaching the interior of your dog's bed. Crafted from nylon, it features a polyurethane coating and interior stitching. For added protection, the zipper is located underneath to further minimize the chance of moisture penetration. Designed for use with our polyester-filled and bead-filled beds. Not for use with Memory Foam. In blue. Washable.

  • Small round 29½
  • Medium round 37½
  • Large round 44½
  • X-Large round 52½
  • Medium rectangle 36"L X 24"W X 3"T
  • Large rectangle 43"L X 29"W X 3"T
  • Extra large rectangle 53"L X 35"W X 4"T

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    43 of 52 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Great thing to have - 2/16/2015
      By: from Tampa, FL

      A necessity for puppies & senior dogs. Keeps the fill clean. Allows you to just wash the cover. Keeps nasty smells & whatnot from penetrating the actual liner. But it is rather stiff & it doesn't "give" much. Kinna loud & "crunchy" when your dog moves around. My dog doesn't mind it though. I'm thankful for less work.

    • 4/5

      Waterproof bed liner - 2/2/2015
      By: from Golden CO

      I purchased this to protect the dog bed from getting ruined. The liner is a nice heavy duty weight and I assume it will be long lasting as my other Orvis purchases have been. It does make the bed a little "crunchy" sounding as the dog moves around on it.

    • 3/5

      Definitely waterproof, but noisy - 1/30/2015

      Makes quite a bit of noise when the dogs crawl onto it or move around on it at night. As long as you don't have this in the bedroom where you sleep, the noise shouldn't bother you though. Definitely waterproof, very effective in that regard.

    • 1/5

      Questionable - 12/29/2014
      By: from DC

      This come with two liners. The first is a mesh which is supposed to encase the filling for laundering. This is a complete joke. The zipper is 9" long and you are supposed to stuff the entire filling of your dog nest through this hole? Impossible. I tried numerous ways and only accomplished to rip the opening and destroy the zipper. With the new larger opening, i put the contents in, and attempted to was and dry as suggested. The cover promptly melted all over my dryer (set on the coolest setting it has). Second point, the more robust cover is made of a heavy nylon fabric that once zipped in doesn't let air out. The beds looked like two balloons until i laid on them with my weight to force the air out. They are also very noisy. whenever the dogs step on them they "crinkle" with a very annoying sound that neither I nor the dogs like. If you have ever researched "waterproof mattress pads" for a bed, the number one advertised feature is "noiseless or "quiet". These dog bed liners are not that. I am tempted to just buy a twin waterproof mattress cover and wrap it over the top of the nest under the outer cover. I'm sure it works to protect the filling from moisture, but the second thin liner (intended for use under the main liner) is useless and does nothing. Hope this helps.

    • 5/5

      water-resistant bed liner - 12/18/2014
      By: from Hampshire UK

      very well made (as with all Orvis dog products)good price and the sizes are perfect, thank you

    • 5/5

      Water Resistant Bed Liner - 12/16/2014
      By: from Grand Rapids, MI

      I have 2 Orvis beds and 2 senior doxies. One of them sometimes has accidents and the lining and beads in the beds got wet. I threw them away and put the bed covers away. I decided to check the site a few days ago and saw they now offer water proof liners! I was thrilled and I am very pleased with them. I filled them with beads and put them in the bed covers and my girls are happy again. They have not had any accidents on them yet but I can tell by the quality that if they do it will not get through to the bead filling. I am a happy camper and recommend them to anyone that has senior pets.

    • 5/5

      The Protector - 12/6/2014
      By: from Brooklyn, NY

      An excellent choice and smart way to protect PILLOW. WELL MADE!

    • 5/5

      Great investment - 5/2/2014
      By: from Charlotte, NC
      Top 500 Contributor

      I have 6 of the dog nests and because of these, they are wearing like iron..pricy but worth it

    • 5/5

      Best liner - 4/8/2014
      By: from Arlington, TX
      Top 250 Contributor

      I bought this liner to make 2 old Orvis poly beds into one. The covers were worn and so were the thin white liner inside that holds the poly fill. This liner is much thicker than even the ones that come with the Tempurpedic mattress. It does make a noise when the dog gets on it, but it does not seem to bother them.

    • 5/5

      Works perfectly! - 2/6/2014
      By: from Pittsboro, NC

      These liners keep the expensive dog beds dry if the dog has an accident, drools, vomits and you only have to wash the cover! They rustle when the dog gets on the dog bed but it's a small price to pay.

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