Access 10' Sink Tip Type III Line

Get deeper for accurate presentations with this sinking tip fly line.


A 10' Class III, 3.5-4.5 ips, sink tip fly line designed for maximum castability and line control. An ideal line for lake, pond and river fishing to help get flies down quickly and maintain a straight line connection to detect subtle strikes. High floating head behind sinking tip makes mending and line management possible. Braided multifilament core performs in a variety of conditions.

1. Orvis Line ID — Quickly and easily identify your line, no more guessing. All of our lines will be printed with the taper, weight, and functionality.
2. IS (Integrated Slickness) additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
3. Enhanced Welded Loop — New sleek and durable welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover.
4. Core — Braided multifilament core provides excellent performance over a wide range of conditions.
5. Environmentally Responsible Packaging — Our new paper pulp spool, made from recycled cardboard and kraft paper, is 100% compostable and further enhances our commitment to protect our natural resources.
In buckskin/dark green. Line weights 5-9. Length 90'. USA.


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  • 5/5

    a great fly line - 11/13/2014
    By: from Flagstaff, AZ

    I purchased an Orvis SAccess 9ft 5 wt. rod with this fly line and have used it several times. It's a superbly crafted line and casts beautifully.

  • 5/5

    great line - 8/15/2014
    By: from Flagstaff, AZ

    A very durable and easily fishable line, superb for stripping streamers in big western rivers like our Colorado at Lees Ferry.

  • 5/5

    Very happy - 7/22/2014

    Bought this weeks ago, but after big storms and water levels finally down, I had the chance to use it. I was very happy how the line loaded with my Superfine Glass 5wt, it got my fly down in the deeper pools and was finally able to chase some of those smallmouth in the faster deeper water. Great price point, and performed as I hoped it would.

  • 5/5

    Greatest Line!! - 6/13/2014
    By: from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I was looking for this line ling time ago, and is really manageable and easy to cast. A wonderful purchase! Greate Orvis product!

  • 5/5

    Great Product - 3/26/2014

    I like this fishing line because it is highly visible and easy to handle.

  • 5/5

    Clearwater Reel and Access Sink Tip Line - 8/1/2013
    By: from Maryland

    Reel and line both work great on my Clearwater 6 weight rod. I use the sinking line mostly for fishing lakes (from kayak) and slow streams (kayak or wading) - have not used it yet on appropriate swifter streams. The large arbor is great, and with the extra spool i can easily switch between floating and sinking line. Reel works as well or better than the older model Battenkill III (now replaced with a newer model i had been using. Great reel and line for the $$$.

  • 5/5

    Incredible value/Great-casting line - 6/19/2013
    By: from Las Vegas, NV

    This line is a perfect stillwater solution for sub-surface rainbows and browns. After struggling with geting consistent results on a floating line/long leader setup to get the depth I needed, I switched to the Access 10' Type III sink tip and got immediate results. I fish a the majority of my time in fairly shallow 7-12 foot max depth reservoirs where the fish typically bite in the lower layers. This line is just what the doctor ordered: casts great, sinks perfectly for max presentation time and gets down where the fish hang out. I will be loading up my other rod setups with this line shortly.

  • 5/5


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