Lift Assist Dog Harness

Offer assistance to your older dog with this easy-to-use harness.


Older dogs often want to get up and go, but hip problems, surgery, and muscle pain can sometimes make the getting-up part a challenge. Our easy-to-use harness cradles and supports your dog completely and comfortably—lifting from the chest, not the legs—allowing you to easily help him up into a standing position, steady him on the stairs, or ease entry and exit from a vehicle. Features comfortable, adjustable handles; constructed with seat belt-material strapping. In black/red. 100% polyester. Washable.

  • Medium, dogs up to 50 lbs.
  • Large, dogs 50-75 lbs.
  • X-large, dogs 75+ lbs.

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    • 4/5

      Very useful - 4/2/2015
      By: from Yorkshire UK

      The harness has been a great help with my old arthritic dog who also has hip problems . It helps me get him out and about and he feels secure as he is unsteady on his feet without it on . I have made some minor adjustments to it myself for it to fit better but expected this as they are standard size and all dogs are different shapes and sizes .

    • 4/5

      dog harness - 3/30/2015
      By: from San Anrtonio, Texas

      This harness is fine and solves a problem for my older German Shepherd

    • 4/5

      My almost 14 year old Golden - 3/23/2015
      By: from AR

      I bought this harness about 6 months ago as I've noticed that my aging Golden is going to have a hard time getting up the stairs to our bedroom. She won't sleep downstairs and barks till someone comes gets her. The harness is great as I think she now relies on it as support to move up the stairs without slipping. I think it gives her some confidence. Downside to this harness is that it is rather hard to get it on. I've discovered once you get the zipper locked in on one end, it's difficult to fully zip it because the front end of the harness is down. I've resorted to putting it on, zip it only to secure it, then simply hooking the two rings with the buckle without zipping it all the way up. They should change it to velcro instead of a zipper, then it would get 5 stars. For a 70 lbs golden, the XL is needed otherwise it's too tight to go around the dog.

    • 5/5

      Great Purchase for Senior Dogs - 3/4/2015
      By: from Nazareth, PA

      Best apparatus for our senior four legged friends. This product is so useful for the purposes intended, getting up from a laying position, up and down steps and getting into automobiles. It also serves a dual purpose, It relieves the owner from constantly bending over to assist in these activities. If you have back issues, this makes an immense difference. Product is easy to get on and off. Love it.

    • 4/5

      Life saver - 3/4/2015
      By: from Massachusetts

      This harness is a life saver for our 12 yr old lab. She with bad arthritis it was difficult for her to jump in and out of the car. We are now able to continue bringing her to work with us everyday. It takes a few minutes to get the harness on but is totally worth the effort.

    • 1/5

      Bummer!!!! - 2/11/2015
      By: from Seattle, WA

      My 11 year old Golden Retriever is pretty sick with bone cancer in one rear leg and now arthritis, but he's still happy and wagging his tail. He weighs 77 lbs... the XL was too big and covered his parts so would not work. The L was too small around his body girth. What a good idea, gone bad. I paid overnight shipping twice... Worst experience I've had with the usual quality I find in turning to Orvis for my dog products. Envious of those who had better luck with the product!

    • 5/5

      Best lift assist ever - 1/13/2015

      This lift harness has been a lifesaver with our 12 1/2 yr lab. He has has two cry ate repair so his arthritis is bad and when we got a new SUV he would not climb the ramp anymore. This harness has been so wonderful in lifting him that on trips to the vet they have left him in in for X-rays and ultrasound since it is easier to lift him up for procedures without compromising his comfort. A wonderful product

    • 5/5

      Labadorable Lift Assist - 1/5/2015
      By: from Woodacre, CA

      The lift assist dog harness has made it easier for my 14 1/2yo labrador to walk up and down stairs and the ramp to the car. It goes on easily, adjusts easily and is strong enough to support an 85lb dog.

    • 1/5

      No assist to my dog - 1/2/2015
      By: from Scottsdale AZ

      This is too difficult to put on any dog, and completely covered and squished my male dog's private parts once I managed to get the harness on. The straps need to buckle to the harness for easy on & off. The zipper is nearly impossible to use, Velcro or snaps would be much better. The construction is very sturdy and of high quality, with the few tweaks mentioned above I think this would be perfect.

    • 5/5

      Thank You - 12/31/2014
      By: from Colorado Springs, CO

      I Initially thought my order wasn't going to get her before Christmas but you came through and I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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