Floating Braided Leaders

Present your dry flies with grace and precision with this water repellent braided leader.

Floating Braided Leaders


Impregnated with a water-repellent powder, these braided fly line leaders pick up with quiet ease. Great for slow moving or still-water dry fly fishing when high stealth is required. Braided leaders sold in single packs.

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14 of 16 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 3/5

    To weak for salmon - 10/11/2010

    I have used the loop to loop system since I discovered Orvis in the 80's. The braided leaders are a must for me. Unfortunately, Orvis started making a stronger heavier leader...and in longer lengths. I do not know why Orvis pulled them. You can now only buy in medium. The problem is salmon will break the braided leader or you can not retrive without breaking if hung up. We salmon flyfishermen use 8-10 test which will break the medium. I actually cut the leader back when I open the package and tie by own loop in heavier material to forgoe the madness. The only reason I keep ordering these is I can't find a good shop (yet) with the braid material in a spool. I have some to last. I will make my own loops unless someone at Orvis starts making a HEAVY braid for big gamers. Please Orvis, look into this and bring back the heavy braided leaders.

  • 5/5

    Never go back! - 8/31/2010
    By: from Seattle, WA

    I have used the Orvis braided leaders for several years and have converted several "old school" fly fisherman to the braided leaders due to their utility, durability and ease of laying out a dry fly. As a marketing person by trade, the excellent durability of the Orvis braided leader does not lend itself to many repeat purchases. I will never go back to standard tapered leaders, and I have tried others, but the Orvis brand is the best for me.

  • 4/5

    Go with Braided leader - 4/17/2010

    Having fished with numerous braided leaders over many years, I really like the Orvis braided butt section provided with this leader. Combine this butt section with a 6x-7x flourocarbon tippet and dry fly fishing yields great presentations without nasty rollovers and impacts to the fly landing on the water. I have found using the Orvis braided leader with flourocarbon tippets outperform the braided tippets and makes for a much better dry fly presentation system than anything else on the market. The braided leaders are not wind knot proof as any product would not be. I only wish Orvis would sell the braided butt section of the leader alone without the tippets. I would rate this 5 stars if not for the tippets included.

  • 3/5

    Orvis braided leader - 4/12/2010

    I bought the 7'6" braided leader for a 5wt rod assuming that the braided section was 7'-6" long but it is actually only about 4' long and included a 3' Bimini tippet section in the stated length. It fishes well enough in the current form but I will likely have to build a 3' long section of 5x mono to put between the end of the braided section and the tippet to increase it to the proper length because it is currently too short. I like Orvis but I wish that the package would have stated the true length of the braided leader instead of including the tippet in that length. I could buy the proper 9' leader but then what do I do with my current leader that I wasted $10.00+ purchasing?

  • 5/5

    Been using braided leaders for years - 2/3/2010
    By: from Connecticut

    I began using Orvis braided leaders before they had the loop connection on them. I have to think that was over 15 years ago. Back then you had to "thread" them onto the fly line ... I would put a drop of super glue on them to make sure they stayed on. I also use other leaders but most of the time I use these, they make it so much easier to cast because it is a natural extention of the fly line. They last forever, just tie your tippet to the loop and your good to go.

  • 3/5

    mixed review - 2/3/2010
    By: from Long Valley, NJ

    I have used several of these leaders over the past 5 years, with mixed results. In general, they work well under certain circumstances. Also, these leaders cannot be reviewed in a vacuum, the bimini tippet is critical. Indeed, without these tippents, performance degrages considerably. Also, it has been my experience that the floatant in these leaders does not hold up well, but I have found that massaging in some Hy-Flote (kind of like treating a silk line) renews them quite well. So, with this established... With a heavier line (in my case a WF-9-F and a WF-9-S, yes, I know its only rated up to 7, but I just had to try..), 9 ft and a 3X tippet, this leader did not perform well at all. It just did not have the strength in the butt section ( I believe) to effectively turn over large flies. Whilst steelheading, the wind brutalized it. Under these conditions I would stick to a tapered mono. On saltwater, if anything, it was worse. On a mid sized line ( a WF-5-F in my case), 5 ft with5X, the leader was more than adequate for nymphs and streamers. A bit rough in presenting drys, but not horrible. I think that if a taper was incorporated into the braid, this might be corrected. Generally, it did not roll cast well. When I ran out of Bimini Tippet, and just used some 5X, the overall performance dropped, poor turnover, terrible roll casting. On a lighter line, WF-4-F with a bamboo rod (again 5 ft, 5X), is where this leader performed its best. Again, I would like a lighter presentation of dries, but I do feel it outperformed both knotted and tapered mono. Roll casting performance was comparable to mono. The braid does need frequent inspection though, as it picks up all kinds of gunk. At this time, it is my preferred leader for this weight/rod. (Although I have ordered some silk and furled nylon leaders, so this could change in the spring!). In summary, for me: It works best with a lighter line. Generally better for nymphs and streamers. Requires constant maintenance to remain floating. As for would I recommend this to a friend...It depends on what they want to use it for.

  • 1/5

    Braided Leaders...not for a cane rod! - 9/21/2009
    By: from Newaygo, MI

    My hopes for a better performance than the traditional tapered leaders fell far short of what I expected. First off, the braided leader did not cast very well using a bamboo rod. The leader did not cast as far as a tapered leader and if there was any wind...it's performance was worst. Not sure if the slow action of the cane rod made matters worst then if a graphite rod was used. The braided leader also seamed to collect more "surface junk" than a tapered leader when fishing spring creeks. Just too much bulk for me in a leader. I'll stay with the tapered leaders and pass on the braided ones.

    Response from: Orvis Technical Services
    Posted: 10/11/2009 8:42:40 PM

    Orvis Customer Service contacted this customer and apologized that he was not happy with the performance of the braided leaders. Orvis thanked this customer for the feedback as we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our fishing items. We forwarded these comments to the product developer for review. Orvis also offered to exchange this item or give a complete refund to the customer. We will cheerfully exchange or refund your purchase at any time, for any reason. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is the strongest in the business.

  • 5/5

    Buying Again - 8/16/2009
    By: from Redmond, Wa

    I was introduced to this leader about 5 years ago while at an Orvis store in Bellevue, WA. For me, this is a great product. It matches my casting style well, and the fish in the small streams don't get spooked with it. Granted, I can't even see the leader on the water, so I have to really concentrate on seeing the fly. Anyway - saw a 1 star review because of having difficulties in unraveling the leader. So, I had to say, spend the $10, and buy this leader.

  • 1/5

    Horrible Product - 4/28/2009
    By: from Woodland Park CO

    The packaging of this product is so poor that I had to throw it away it as it could not be unraveled. Don't waste $10.00

    Response from: Orvis Customer Service Team
    Posted: 8/24/2009 4:17:46 PM

    Orvis Customer Service contacted this customer and apologized that the packaging of this item was difficult to remove. Orvis thanked the customer for this feedback, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our items. Orvis passed these comments along to the developer of this product for review. Orvis also offered to exchange this item or give a complete refund. We will cheerfully exchange or refund your purchase at any time, for any reason. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is the strongest in the business.

  • 5/5

    Nice Leader - 5/13/2008
    By: from S.E Pa Near Dlaware river.

    I use this leader in different lengths and weights from 2 to 6 and love using it. Maybe 10 years on my 6wt. Only issue is you can get the hook stuck in the leader but that is bad casting not bad product! There really is no thick butt section to help your flies turn over so that would be my only complaint. I love to use this with popper fishing on the Delaware for smallmouth, strong and great feel. Plus the loops you can easily put a 12” lead line between the line and leader to get down to the fish. It just works.

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