Battenkill® Family-Size Rollacase

Carry everything you need all in one piece of rolling luggage.


Huge capacity on wheels. This piece of rolling luggage is an overpacker's delight. A zip-out divider in the main compartment has special foam bars to keep jackets and pants crease-free. Two zip pockets inside, a pair of zip pockets outside. On the back, an expandable pocket big enough for your raincoat and any last-minute items. Rolling Luggage has a detachable cargo hook. Leather luggage tag included.
Measures 27½" x 13" x 21"; 7,508 cu. in.
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12 of 18 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Overall excellent - 3/31/2012
    By: from Durango, Colorado

    We have eleven pieces of Battenkill luggage and have traveled domestically and internationally with them. We have only had the rolling garment suitcase fail (three times). All the others have been remarkably durable. After numerous trips, I finally have worn outthe main zipper on the first family rollabout I bought. I am ordering a replacement and will return the old one to take advantage of the guarantee. I do think the zippers could be more heavy duty, and the rivets strengthened, but over all this luggage has outlasted my expectations. And I appreciate that the leather tabs have been improved.

  • 5/5

    The Perfect Suitcase - 3/13/2012
    By: from Jacksonville, FL
    Top 1000 Contributor

    My wife bought this case for herself because it allows for "organized travel" and "it's large enough without being cumbersome" and "it's easy to roll around" and "it matches our other Orvis luggage" and "it's well made". She liked the quick delivery also!

  • 5/5

    Designed by a genius - 2/29/2012
    By: from Leicester UK

    The design of this suitcase is inspired. The side zipped compartments allow careful separation of any papers or documents. The main body allows you to pack your clothes with metal coat hangers, ready for hanging on arrival. My daughter borrowed it to fly to Tanzania and it was noted that she was the only person that everyone offered to help with her bag -a sure sign of a quality item. So whether you travel at home or abroad, I'd recommend this to everyone.

  • 5/5

    Sherman Tank - 2/13/2012
    By: from St Paul MN

    This is a VERY rugged piece of luggage, built like a tank. I am especially impressed by the fabric thickness and the zippers. The latter are "industrial grade". I expect that I will not outlive this luggage. Very roomy. Looks sharp. Great buy. Minor Quibble: The beautiful leather business card holder will certainly not survive its buckle strap weakness. Bad idea! That holder needs to be attached to the luggage with something far more rugged.

  • 5/5

    Tough Functional Luggage - 10/18/2011
    By: from Lafayette, LA

    I have owned a "Family-Size Rollacase" for several years. I've travelled many miles with it and have been completely satisfied with its durability. It is large enough to make most trips a one bag trip. I recently purchased one for my wife. She was thrilled and I look forward to her being a one bag packer from now on.

  • 1/5

    Dissatisfied with Litime Warranty - 8/30/2011
    By: from Dallas, TX

    I have purchased several things form Orvis because of their Quality and Service. This is my first issue that I have encountered. I called and was told that I had to pay to ship the luggage back and also pay $30 prosessing fee. My lugguage has 3 defects now: 1. The rivot on the handle broke first. I still was able to use the lugguage so continued to use. 2. The stiching on the backside of the back came loose, making it unusable. I continued to use the bag without storing anything in the back side. 3. The Final straw.... My Zipper on the luggage is separated from the cavis making it unusable. I am very unhappy with having to pay both shipping and a processing fee. Disappoointed with the so-called "Life Time Warranty".

  • 2/5

    The world as changed - 8/28/2011
    By: from Chicago, IL
    Top 50 Contributor

    Great product that has ample room and nice features. The problem is that it is impractical under current US airline rules. The weight restrictions on most carriers make this unit a frequent surcharge even if you try to watch the weight. The small carry on version and the medium are better choices if you will fly with it.

  • 5/5

    Great Piece - 4/4/2011
    By: from Fairhope,Al.

    My husband has many Orvis luggage pieces already.I ordered this piece for my husbands Birthday in October. He travels 7 months out of the year internationally, so it has gotten some use. Well, the back of luggage had gotten it looks like stuck in luggage conveyer and damaged it. I called Orvis and they sent out new one before I even returned the first piece. Now that is service. The replacement piece has already traveled to China 4 times and doing great. You may think you pay more for Orvis, but with service like they provide and quality of product can't ask for more.

  • 5/5

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH I HAVE TWO - 3/14/2011
    By: from Central California

    Love this suitcase so much I have two sizes; the smaller one is about 4 # lighter, unloaded. I travel a lot on business so I need casual clothes for room, business clothes & shoes/boots in winter, exercise clothes & shoes, bath bag, makeup bag, flatiron/hairproducts bag, and tea/soup/amenities for the room. This bag handles it all. If I'm going for a week I use the smaller bag; more than a week, the larger. It looks nice no matter where I take it. Even with all the stuff, it usually stays right at 50# until I add documents of any kind--that is the killer! I bless Orvis every time I load my bags. When I get to the airport I tether the rollaboard to this brute and away we go! PS: A hint on overweight charges: check your bags at the curbside checkin, give the guy your ID, your boarding pass, and a $20 bill and your troubles will disappear.

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Battenkill Luggage Series from Orvis

Family-Style Rollacase Luggage
Family-Style Rollacase™
Battenkill Overnight Briefcase
Overnight Briefcase
Hanging Travel Kit
Hanging Travel Kit

Battenkill® Luggage is built for the long haul. We use the most rugged, abrasion- and weather-resistant 18-oz. cotton canvas available, paired with oil-tanned, full-grain leather, solid brass hardware, and heavy-duty zips. Double stitched inside and out with heavy nylon thread for strength, it’s designed to take any abuse you can throw at it.

Attractive, Strong and Durable

Engineered for long-lasting strength and water-resistance, Battenkill luggage will withstand dirt and wear better that most other types of luggage. Our bags are constructed of premium quality fabrications and our seams are edge-bound to resist breakdown. As your Battenkill luggage ages, expect pieces to take on an attractive patina with time and use. Colours will change subtly – this is completely normal and only enhances the unique appearance of each piece. What doesn’t change, however, is the legendary durability of our luggage – count on a lifetime of service when you choose Battenkill luggage.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Cleaning Battenkill canvas fabric is easy: just gently wipe with a sponge using a mild detergent and warm, sudsy water. Additional stain-resistant products, such as Scotchguard™, may be applied if you choose. For the leather accents on Battenkill canvas bags, we recommend Gokey Leather Conditioner by Orvis. It conditions and provides water resistance, while allowing the leather to breathe.

The Battenkill Luggage Line: Designed to Meet Your Demanding Travel Needs

Our exclusive Battenkill Luggage combines traditional materials with modern designs that offer high capacity, easy transport, and convenience, no matter where your travels take you. From the Overnight Briefcase, with room for paperwork and overnight essentials, to the Family-Size Rollacase™—big enough for a two-week trip—there’s a Battenkill Luggage style that suits your needs.

Packing Tips

Packing Light
Dave Parker of Orvis Travel gives tips on packing light.
Dave Parker of Orvis Travel gives tips for packing light.
Here at Orvis, we put our travel clothing and luggage to the real-life test every day. Our Orvis Travel staff and product developers log thousands of miles a year to bring you the very best, most authentic travel experiences and gear.

With new airline regulations and fees, it’s more important than ever to pack wisely. We asked our own Dave Parker -- Managing Director of our in-house travel agency – for tips on how to pack to ensure you get the most out of your travels:

  1. Cotton/synthetic-blend fabrics are easy to wash and dry on the road.  If laundry service is a given, our pure cotton wrinkle-resistant shirts are a great choice for travel too. If you pack enough shirts for three days, you have enough for a week.  Also, plan to buy a shirt or two at your destination. It's one way to take home a practical souvenir.
  2. Choose a bag made of ballistic polyester cloth. They are strong, yet light in weight. If you start with a heavy bag, it's all downhill from there.
  3. Think about colour schemes when you pack. Make sure everything you bring is in the same palette, so it all matches.
  4. Think layers. Instead of a single heavy jacket, for example, take light layers that can be added and subtracted according to the weather. For cool climes, take a base layer of merino wool, then a synthetic/cotton-blend shirt, a fleece vest, and then an outer layer shell to stop rain and wind.  For cold climates, use a warmer base layer and a thicker fleece with long sleeves.
  5. Ship ahead. It sounds extravagant, but if you're going to a single place where you need a lot of gear (e.g., waders, fly rods, skis, etc.), it’s wise to ship it. Shipping services have good tracking systems, and you'll know where your bag is ahead of time. (I'm doing this for an Alaska trip in August. Who wants to carry waders?)
  6. Think ounces. Take the smallest container/amount of toiletries possible, especially if you can replenish at your destination. There’s no need to take 16 oz. of shampoo for a one-week trip. Get a couple of small, refillable plastic bottles, and fill them at home before you go.
  7. Stay organised. Use polyester bags or large, clear freezer bags to compartmentalise. Put all the socks in one bag, etc. Knowing what you have helps you avoid over-packing.
  8. Download a book to your mp3 player.
  9. Unless you're a professional photographer, take the smallest digital camera you can. The picture quality will still be excellent.
  10. Wear your biggest/heaviest shoes on the plane and pack the lighter ones.
  11. Don't forget to ask about rental gear before you pack. Some fishing lodges have everything you need, especially if they're Orvis-endorsed.
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