Oversized Horseshoe Bolster Dog Bed with Memory Foam

Provide your pet with plenty of room and comfort in our large dog bed.


An oversized design that incorporates many of the best features of all of our dog beds. It starts with the polyester-filled bolsters, a double-bolster design that provides cozy support while maintaining the shape and structural integrity of the bed. Underneath, your dog will enjoy the cushioning and support of a 4"-thick cushion of memory foam designed specifically for dogs. Finally, we topped it with a faux-shearling surface that's low shedding and cleans up easily. Water-resistant liner. Cover is removable and washable.

    All Orvis memory foam dog beds incorporate the following features:

  • High-Density Foam allows your dog to sink in just enough to achieve optimum support.
  • Open-Cell Technology provides optimum comfort while helping maintain your dog's body temperature.
  • A Water-Resistant Liner is included with every memory foam bed, providing a breathable layer of protection against liquids and moisture.

These combined features ensure that your dogs will experience maximum comfort when sleeping, and feel better when they're awake.

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  • Small 34" x 30" outside dimensions, dogs up to 50 lbs.
  • Medium 42" x 38" outside dimensions, dogs 50-85 lbs.
  • Large 50" x 46" outside dimensions, dogs 85-120 lbs.

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  • Reviews

    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.5 / 5 based on 29 reviews


    26 of 29 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Great Dog Bed - 8/25/2014
      By: from Scottsdale, AZ

      This bed was bought for my oldest Golden Retriever, Morgan (8 y/o). She loved it immediately!! Got in, layed down and didn't move. I bought the medium in Sage. It is beautiful. There is even room for my other Golden. It provides so much support and the bolster is a perfect pillow for her. Well worth the money. WE ARE TOTALLY SATISFIED!!!

    • 4/5

      Cozy Daybed - 7/25/2014

      This will be a great addition particularly for any older dog or one that you are trying to keep off the "people" couches which is what I intended my purchase for as soon as I throw out my old couch. Well made. Only item I would change is the big logo sewn into back top.

    • 2/5

      Very disappointed... - 3/26/2014

      We own 2 other memory foam beds (other brands) for our 7-year-old Parsons Russell Terrier and he loves them. So we decided to go with another memory foam bed (this one from Orvis) for another home and the little guy thinks it's great. However, it LOOKS terrible! There's too much fabric; it's all bunched up in the bottom of the bed, whereas the fabric on his other beds is smooth and taut. I called Orvis Customer Service who said the memory foam pad must have been cut too small. They were great and immediately sent me a replacement bed but it was exactly like the first one! Loose fabric, all bunched up, very unattractive. I can only deduce this is a characteristic of this bed??

    • 5/5

      wonderful and snuggly - 3/8/2014
      By: from Swindon, UK

      I bought this for my 2 rescue Westies in medium. It looks large when they are snuggled and just right when they spread out. Now we have one dog we have lent the bed to my as sister who's lurcher always sleeps in her bed - not any more! Since borrowing this Orvis bed her aging dog enjoys the memory foam rather than her bed. I as also love how easy it is to wash and it is well made and the fabrics are wonderful

    • 4/5

      Very neat with small issues - 2/10/2014
      By: from Atlanta, GA

      I will state the good things first. This bed is very gorgeous to look at. I put it right by the side of my couch in the living room and not just my dog loves it but all visitors love it too. I hear compliments all the time. Also, it's comfortable for my dog to use and the design is very good. Now two bad things (things need improvement probably): 1. the inner side of the cushion is made of memory foam and it's wrapped by another layer of water-proof linen. But it's stiff and makes noises when my dog gets on it. The first few days my dog would not get on it because of that noise (my dog hiru is a bit sensitive about new things). And I removed that linen then he liked the bed and started using it. I really think that layer of linen could have been made of better materials. 2. About the size. my dog weighs 24lbs so I chose the small size bed. It turned out that it barely fit him. I am glad that this website changed the picture. Before my purchase the picture showed a small dog laying on a I guess would be large size so it makes me think the bed is extra large for my dog (it lists for up to 50 lbs). But you can see from my picture, my dog (24lbs) can barely fit in. And I really wanted a bed with extra room so he could stretch out entirely. So if your dog is about 50lbs or close to that, I strongly suggest you go for a larger (medium at least). Overall I am happy about the purchase (could have made a better choice of picking a larger bed for my dog though) . Thanks for reading

    • 5/5

      Beds don't get better than this! - 1/10/2014
      By: from Hertfordshire

      The service was excellent from Orvis. I am a first time buyer and was very impressed with all of the items I bought and the delivery. I have just rescued a Tibetan Terrier to keep our current TT company and therefore needed to buy new beds in which they could snuggle up. My rescue TT has had a hard lfie living outside in a kennel and I wanted to give her a taste of luxury. This bed certainly fits that description. It appears very well made and very comfortable, more like a miniature sofa than a dog bed. There has been no sagging as described in the reviews of some of other models. You pull it out of the box and it is good to go. Rum, my current TT, has a full coat and was less keen to lie in a warm bed but Noodle my new TT took about 5 minutes of scouting her new surroundings to suss out that, with her completely sheared coat, this bed looked good. She has made it her own, and Rum joins her whenever she needs to keep warm. I purchased the medium size and I have to say it is HUGE. I think I could definitely have gone for the small size to fit both of the girls happily. As it is they can sprawl out next to each other with lots of spare room. Oh and the other person who I have to pry out of it constantly is my 4 year old son....he thinks it is great to sit on, lie in or jump on. This bed is not cheap but when you see your dogs stretched out with a blissful look on their face (as Noodle does) it is certainly worth ithe price.

    • 5/5

      Very good product; pup loves it - 12/11/2013
      By: from Glenmont, NY

      I bought this bed 5 months ago for our Golden Retriever puppy, Crispin. He was 7 months then, and probably 50 pounds or so (he's about 75 lbs. now). I'm lucky to live close enough to the Orvis outlet in Manchester, VT for regular raids on their dog (and other) products, and purchased it there. We'd also bought Orvis beds for our prior dog during his lifetime, and the foam ones were always favorites. I purchased a large, anticipating that Crispin would grow into it; I think when he reaches his full-grown, filled-out weight, it will be perfect. The bed is big, but he loves all of the extra room. He can play with a toy on his bed, he can assume different positions, either curled or stretched out, and he can welcome guests to his bed (my husband or me). If you like to sit on a big, comfortable cushion and snuggle with your dog, this is the dog bed for you. Crispin took to his bed immediately, and unlike less well-made beds he had as a very young puppy, he doesn't even try to abuse it. He hasn't chewed, raked, or damaged this bed in any way--pretty amazing for a Golden puppy/young dog, and says something about the quality and sheer mass of the bed. He lies against the bolster and sometimes props his head or muzzle on it, and since the bolster slopes down on both sides toward the front, he has a choice of what height he prefers. Removing the cover and washing it is not difficult. Putting it back on gets easier with practice; there are actually two bolster pieces to stuff back in, but unlike a prior bed with the same type of construction, the zippers are almost as long as the bolster pieces, so re-stuffing them is not hard. I'm a 61-year-old lady with arthritis, and I can do it. I also think that having two pieces to the bolster is the reason it stands up so well--it has not sagged or flattened. I like going to Manchester, so may purchase another for the family room (this one is in our bedroom). All in all, we couldn't be happier with this purchase, and expect Crispin will be using it for years to come.

    • 1/5

      Soooo disappointed! - 11/25/2013
      By: from Cedarburg, WI

      I just received this bed via UPS...and I cannot believe I received a properly made bed. There are no poly filled bolsters surrounding this bed and the part where dogs rest their heads on is completely flat. Not only that...the memory foam part is deformed. I am thinking that would work itself out once it warms up (it's really hard from the cold I'm sure)...but who knows. I am returning this bed tomorrow!! I am very very disappointed!! :-(

    • 5/5

      Great bed - 11/21/2013

      So, like many others I researched other beds before deciding on this purchase. The price was the main deterrent. We have a 15 week old Great Dane that is quickly outgrowing our couch! We wanted something similar to the couch so thought the bolsters would be the way to go. We were very happy when we opened the box with the bed and so was our Dane! He hasn't gotten off it since it came out of the box! I could sleep on it, it's that comfy! Our pup is about 50+ lbs right now and we bought the large. He has plenty of room to grow into it. My only tiny complaint is with the embroidery. It's on the flat front of the bed and not centered. As This is purely aesthetic and has nothing to do with my dogs comfort I still gave it a 5. But for the price the embroidery could be in a better spot...and centered.

    • 3/5

      Not used as much as the Deep Dish - 11/20/2013
      By: from Dallas, TX

      I had such high hopes after the success of the Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory foam, but my dogs just don't use this one as much. In fact, hardly at all (see my Deep Dish memory Foam review!). One of my dogs loves to stretch out his chin on raised surfaces and the deep dish bolsters sag quite a bit. This looked like it has potential, but he just can't seem to get comfortable on the bolster. I'm also a little disappointed in the monogramming, which is in the front along the bottom, but the way the front has already collapsed, the clever (if I do say so myself) monogram, "Rest Your Bones" cannot be read unless the bed has been freshly "plumped". This isn't a bad bed, but I would not buy another, and I may end up purchasing another deep dish dog bed instead.

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