Damsel Nymphs Selection

Trick every fish in the pond with these damsel flies.


During the summer when damsel flies are darting across still water ponds and lakes, they can be a clue to some of the best fishing around. If you see them, never hesitate to use a damsel fly pattern.

This selection includes 10 flies:
1 Classic FM Olive Weighted size 10;
1 Demoiselle Weighted size 10;
1 Classic FM Fiery Brown Weighted size 10;
1 Damsel Dark Olive Weighted size 10;
2 Damsel Medium Olive Weighted size 10, 12;
1 Glister Damsel Olive size 10;
1 Glister Damsel Olive/Orange size 10;
1 Lakedown Damsel size 12;
1 Flashback Damsel size 10.


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