Skips Turn-On Indicators

Detect the most subtle takes with these reusable strike indicators.


Reusable, again and again. Skip's turn on strike indicators can be attached or taken off the leader and easily moved up or down the leader without removal. Causes no leader damage or kink. One full turn is all that's required to hold it on a leader butt, and three turns will secure it to the finest tippet. 35% less dense than the original so they float higher and cast easier. 4 per pack.

  • Small Strike Indicators:¼" diameter, ¾" long.
  • Medium Strike Indicators: 5/16" diameter, ¾" long.
  • Large Strike Indicators: 7/16" diameter, ¾" long.
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    • 5/5

      Hands Down Favorite Indicator - 5/25/2015
      By: from Bothell, WA
      Top 25 Contributor

      Easy to set up, easy to see. They stay where I place them, even on fine tippets

    • 3/5

      Be warned - 3/23/2015

      Be warned...if you are expecting the indicators to be the same bright fluorescent colours, as shown on the picture on the website, you will be very disappointed. The latest version is far more dowdy and not as easy to see on the water; some might actually prefer this newer version reckoning it might be less likely to spook the fish. The decision is yours, but these Skips are not as pictured.

    • 2/5

      better strike indicators are available - 3/21/2015
      By: from fort collins colorado

      I am a long-time Orvis fan. The Skips strike indicators are a rare disappointment to me. First they are kind of expensive; they arrived ""unassembled"" so you have to put the little rubber band in place. The band is fragile and I broke one of them trying to assemble it. They also don't hold up well on the water when you adjust the location a few times the rubber band breaks. There are much better strike indicators available. Sadly Orvis has fewer options.

    • 3/5

      Great concept - Broke much too soon - 9/24/2014
      By: from Plano, TX

      After only 3 or 4 times of use - the rubber portion broke - rendering it useless. I still have one more from the package which I will use. Works long as it works.

    • 5/5

      A whole new world - 7/16/2014
      By: from Yellow Breeches, PA

      I have been a dry fly fisherman for over 50 years. Nymph fishing is new to me, and the Orvis videos were a great help. They introduced me to the Skips Turn-On Indicators. I used a combination of the indicators with several Orvis beaded nymphs and caught two 14 inch browns and a 12 inch rainbow the first time out!!!!!

    • 5/5

      Great Indicator - 4/26/2014
      By: from Arlington, VT

      Picked these up for some early season nymphing on my local brook. Easy to attach, easy to adjust, easy to see on the water. I'll be picking up more of these.

    • 5/5


    • 5/5

      Strike Indicators - 10/8/2013
      By: from Northern New Jersey

      No doubt these are the best Strike Indicators on the market. They are easy to use and ultra sensitive. Makes trout fishing more of a pleasure.

    • 5/5

      Skips Turn-On Indicators - 6/19/2013
      By: from Barry Co., Michigan

      This by far the best small indicator I have used over spooky trout, I love the fact that it wont kink my leader and Its easy to attach, remove, and adjust depth on the smallest of tippet sizes.

    • 4/5

      Nice product - 8/31/2012
      By: from Basalt, CO

      This is an excellant, easy to use product and I have had good luck with it. The only thing that keeps it from being 5 stars is the durability. While none have cracked yet, it just seems like the will fail at some point.

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