Access Switch 6-weight 11' Fly Rod—Tip Flex

Make overhead and spey casts with this 11' 6-weight switch rod.


5¼ oz. 11', 4-piece, Tip-Flex Fly Rod for 6-wt. line.

Cast big flies on big water all day long without wearing down. Developed from our award-winning Helios tapers and actions, the Access 116-4 Tip-Flex 6 Wt Switch Fly Rod is a powerful but lightweight two-hander that excels on larger rivers, in the surf, and anywhere an extra few feet can make a difference. Spey cast streamers for Great Lakes browns and steelhead, or reach over the breakers to drop baitfish patterns for speckled trout. Take control of your line, mend with authority, and gain the upper hand. In terms of performance, this rod excels. In terms of price, it's unbeatable.


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  • 5/5

    My go to rod for Alaska - 9/5/2014
    By: from Alaska

    I have used the Access 6 wt. switch rod with the Access reel on two trips to Alaska. In 2013 I caught close to 100 silvers (fresh, still had sea lice) on the rod. This year, I caught all five salmon all the way down to graying. We had two days that were 100 fish days. My biggest compliment though is the weight, balance and leverage the rod provides. I broke my shoulder and had a major rotator cuff tear in 2010 and the shoulder is not 100%. However, the rod has made fishing much more enjoyable. By the way, both last year and this year, my fishing companions broke a name brand 8 wt. fishing identical conditions to me.

  • 5/5

    Switch rod review - 8/12/2014
    By: from Wellesley, Ont. Canada

    I received this rod by mail a week ago and am very satisfied. The Spey/single handed action was what attracted me as it will get use for pike, this summer, and steelhead and salmon this fall. It seems well made and am sure it will stand up to a lot of use.

  • 5/5

    Great rod - 1/12/2014
    By: from Great Falls, MT

    I got this rod to throw lighter floating line on the Grande Ronde. Pared with a 25' 420 gr scandi line, its the perfect un-weighted fly tosser! It handled 26' 8 lb steelies just fine this fall! I did try a lighter skagit line for a few days, but it just seemed to light a rod for that application.

  • 5/5

    A rod for every occasion - 5/23/2013
    By: from Northern California

    This rod is hands down the best rod I've ever owned. It's light, a dream to cast and able to catapult heavy sink tips a mile. I've used it primarily as a nymphing rod for steelhead, but it's light enough to use for big river trout and powerful enough to throw big bugs at stripers. It strange to think of a two handed rod as "versatile," but this rod is exactly that.

  • 5/5

    Great Rod!!! - 1/20/2013
    By: from Northern California

    Purchased this rod for steelhead fishing in Northern California. I use this rod as a light spey rod for the Klamath, Trinity, American, Yuba, Feather, etc. Rivers, so I matched the rod with a Rio Skagit Short 375gr, and it loads and fires 10' sink tips like a dream. If you plan on fishing with indicators and/or skating dries and traditional spey flies with a floating line, the Orvis 3D Switch line will work great. If you want to use sink tips and heavy flies, I would suggest a 20-23 foot Skagit line in the 350-375 grain rating.

  • 5/5

    valuable addition to my rod armoury - 4/15/2012
    By: from Aberdeen, Scotland

    A perfect light-weight/light-line double-hander. The grain window marked on the blank is 280-375. I would have found this useful info for the 'Details' part of the description. I bought this rod primarily with sea trout and summer grilse fishing - sometimes when the water is a bit high, I had been stuck between my single-handed 5 weight and a double-handed 9wt - one was just under gunned, the other way over gunned. But, this also serves well as a trout rod for swinging wet flies and streamers, and will be excellent for estuary work too, once the summer comes around. I have even cast a few dries with it, but it's not really the right tool for that job! Much of the river I fish mostly (the Aberdeenshire Don) has enclosed banks with little or no space for an overhead cast. No problem - double-handed speys and i'm good to go. Been using this rod to brush up on spey techniques - rolls, circles, snaps - and it's an excellent tool for that, being light and fairly responsive. I am still experimenting with line weights & grain - i've currently got this paired with a 6/7 (335grain) Beulah Elixir switch line; sometimes I feel that is a little light to fully load this rod, and casting suffers when the wind is strong. I've got a heavier shooting head on order, and look forward to pairing it up with the rod. I have used this rod once for overhead casting on an estuary, and even in a strong wind (typical of that location) I'm able to double-hand overhead cast off of the 'wrong' downwind shoulder and fire out a decent cast - this rod will be a brilliant tool in that sort of location, without being too powerful for the target fish. Overall, a great niche rod for my fishing, and a lot of fun to play with too.If you are thinking of a switch rod, this is a good start. a comment about line weights: My limited experience with this rod so far suggests you might find that you prefer one line weight for spey style casting (slightly heavier, in order to load the rod where you cannot form big Ds in tight situations) and one for overhead casting (slightly lighter) - i don't think one line necessarily is ideal for switching between d/handed styles and overhead - but as I've bought this mostly as a d/hander, this is not a criticism, just my own observation. The line that I use for d/hand styles can be cast overhead, but it feels heavy, so I do bring more of the head inside the rod tip to compensate (it still flies out!). If I was only overhead casting, i'd be tempting to spool a line towards the lower end of this rod's grain window.

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Access Fly Rods

Cast this rod once and you'll question the low price.
Cast it twice and you won't fish without it.

Pay more for remarkably lightweight performance? There is no longer a reason. The new Orvis Access™ Rod Series offers true premium-rod, weightless performance at a remarkably accessible price. The carbon-based composite blanks are impregnated with a new epoxy-based resin system with plasticizers for a stronger composite. This is a proprietary new material demonstrating an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making these rods even lighter than some higher-priced models. Using proprietary tapers and actions perfected on Helios™ by Orvis rod designers over the past two years, Access rods offer a performance-to-price ratio unheard of in the industry until now. Access rods cast with the same power and precision as the highest-price rods on the market, are just as light if not lighter, and yet come at a price that is accessible to everyone.

Access rods feature:

  • New material with remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Lighter than most premium rods.
  • Remarkably smooth and precise casting stroke.
  • Root beer blank and woven-graphite carbon and champagne anodized aluminum gold reel seat.
  • All chrome guides.
  • Sunburst wraps with gold tipping.
  • Gold ferrule alignment dots.
  • Saltwater reel seat with cork-and-rubber butt.
  • Super-grade cork handles.
  • Safe Passage rod tube with internal dividers.
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