Access 118-4 Tip Flex Switch Outfit

This switch fly rod combo is a versatile fishing tool you will thoroughly enjoy.


5½ oz. 11', 4-piece, Tip-Flex Fly Rod for 8-wt. line.

Built with an extended switch grip and all the technology developed in the past few years with Helios, the Access 118-4 Switch is just the ticket for big steelhead, low water Atlantic salmon, and striped bass off the beach. This great new switch fly rod combo offers extended reach, lightweight casting ease and terrific mending capability to give the everything you need in one rod to be successful for big game fish. You can cast this rod all day on a salmon river, or all night on a striper beach without fatigue. You can go from one-handed casting to two-handed casting to reach out a little further. Mending in a river or tidal current has never been easier and at this price buying a fly rod has never been easier as well.

Access outfit includes:

  • Access® 118-4 Tip Flex Switch Rod
  • Access® Mid Arbor V reel
  • Easy Mend Switch Line


We’re sorry. This item is no longer available.

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