ToughChew® Round Dog's Bed® with Polyester Fill

Our ToughChew dog bed is the ideal mix of durability and softness.


Paws down, the toughest and softest ToughChew® fabric we've ever created. Our original ToughChew chew-resistant dog bed was tough. This bed is even tougher. Developed exclusively by Orvis, these dog beds are constructed with two layers for the ultimate in chew protection, and feature an outer fabric engineered in a full ripstop weave from incredibly tough and durable 1,000-denier nylon. The zipper is constructed of solid brass for added strength and durability. As tough as these beds are, they're also luxuriously soft, with a silky nylon microfibre surface that your dog will love. All of these features add up to a bed so tough, we'll refund your money if your dog chews through it. No questions asked. Cover is removable and washable.

  • Orvis exclusive
  • 1,000-denier nylon outer cover
  • 840-denier nylon inner liner
  • reinforced zipper
  • silky-soft nylon microfiber surface

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    • Small 25" diameter outside dimensions, dogs up to 25 lbs.
    • Medium 34" diameter outside dimensions, dogs 25-45 lbs.
    • Large 41" diameter outside dimensions, dogs 45-70 lbs.
    • X-Large 48" diameter outside dimensions, dogs 70-110 lbs.

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  • Reviews

    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 2.3 / 5 based on 19 reviews


    5 of 19 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Give it a Chance! - 8/5/2014

      At first, our 27 pound pug ignored this bed. As other reviewers have reported, it took about a month for him to snuggle up to it. Now, it's the only place you can find him! He put holes in his last bed in a few weeks, but we have had this bed three months, and it still looks perfect. I did not notice any noises from this bed as other reviewers have reported.

    • 1/5

      Didn't seem a ToughChew - 7/1/2014

      I've ordered many ToughChew beds over the years, but my recent order of 3 of these beds was disappointing. My dogs chewed through all 3 within a matter of 30 minutes to 2 hours! These were not the same great quality beds I typically receive from the ToughChew line. I'll be reordering the ToughChew with the canvas fabric. Orvis, as usual, gave me wonderful customer service by issuing a full refund and offering free shipping on my reorder of new beds. The customer service at Orvis is top of the line and I'll be a customer for life.

    • 3/5

      Eh... - 3/7/2014
      By: from Houston, TX

      I was very excited to order this bed for Milo- He is a 2 year old Jack Russell who likes to chew. The first bed arrived and after a wee bit of coaxing, Milo got on it. He liked it and I was happy. I came home a couple of days later and Milo had chewed 8 holes through the cover. So I called an Orvis sent me another cover. I put the new one on and all was good for a couple of weeks. Then I came home and there were 3 holes in the new bed. I called Orvis and asked if there was a tougher ""Tough Chew". The representative was so helpful. She refunded the cost of the bed to my card. Such great service. Always a pleasure doing business with Orvis.

    • 1/5

      Sad - 1/18/2014

      I was so disappointed in the new fabric for the tough chew bed. I have purchased Orvis beds for four different dogs over the last 14 years and each and every dog has loved their bed. The fabric on this bed makes a ton of noise when the dog moves around. Our dog has chosen to lay on a blanket next to the bed over laying on the bed. I will be returning this and buying another bed.

    • 2/5

      Disappointed in the "New" Toughchew - 1/14/2014
      By: from Michigan

      My little cocker spaniel loves his bed...and he loves to chew on it. We've purchased two of the "old" though chew beds. The "new" tough chew bed is excellent quality but has some attributes that don't work for me: * my dog had a hole in it within 24 hours * the fabric is not breathable so I have to leave it unzipped so that he can lay on it without feeling like he is balancing on a balloon. * it crunches - I wake up at night to the sound of the bed fabric "crunching" if he shifts position. I'm very disappointed in this dog bed and won't purchase it again.

    • 3/5

      Bizarre Choice of Fabric - 11/3/2013
      By: from Sacramento, CA

      Fabric is like a nylon suede. Makes a lot of noise. Dog chewed through it too. Dog sleeps on it about half the time.

    • 1/5

      Not the bed for my dog - 10/27/2013
      By: from Upstate NY

      This bed is very pouffy (kind of like a water bed) and makes a crinkly noise when the dog moves on it. Neither one of which does my dog like. She ended up laying on the floor next to it, never on it. Not good.

    • 5/5

      Holds Up! - 10/26/2013
      By: from MD

      Okay, at first he wouldn't get on it and it seemed stiff and not at all comfy. After a month (yes, a month) he liked it and after continually attacking if for over several months it is STILL a bed with NO holes! No other will last with my little Boston Terror! This bed DOES what it says. It takes time to break it in.

    • 5/5

      Great Bed; Even Better Customer Service - 8/8/2013
      By: from New York, NY

      We ordered two of the XL tough chew round dog's nest with polyester fill for our three dogs... one bed was for the living room, the other for the kitchen. We chose to order these beds from Orvis because we knew the craftsmanship would be great (and we loved the look as well) and also- we wanted to purchase a bed that would last a lifetime and knowing that the beds come with a guarantee against the dogs being able to destroy them, it was great peace of mind. Our dogs love their beds. We have a Wheaten Terrier, a French Bulldog and a Pit Bull and they have never once made even a dent of any kind of destruction in the beds. The covers zip off and are very easy to wash and put back on. But the best part of our experience with Orvis has been the exceptional customer service. Having three dogs on the beds caused them to somewhat flatten out over time. I wrote to Orvis to ask about purchasing some additional filler and instead, they sent us 6 bags of the stuffing, compliments of Orvis. This was just what the beds needed and we would have been happy to pay for them but Orvis went well above what we even expected in terms of their customer service. I spoke with them on a Tuesday and had two large boxes complete with the 6 bags of stuffing on my doorstep by the end of the week. We couldn't be happier with these beds and neither could our dogs. Thanks again!

    • 1/5

      New design is a big mistake - 7/24/2013
      By: from Burlington, MA

      I am a loyal Tough Chew customer (have owned 6 over the past decade and all have withstood the test of time), but this new design was a true disappointment. I should have listened to the reviews: the bed is loud (really!) and stays puffed up like a balloon. My dogs will sleep on any surface and wouldn't go near this bed after hopelessly attempting (multiple times) to settle onto it. Orvis took back both beds without a problem. I hope they will bring back the old design soon.

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