Helios 2 6-weight 9' Fly Rod—Tip Flex (FW)

This fast action 6 wt. feels like a 5 wt. but is as powerful as an 8 wt.


2⅝ oz. 9' 4-piece Tip Flex fly rod for 6-wt. line.

Every serious angler needs a powerful rod for double streamer rigs and heavy nymph setups. As light as most 5-weights, and as powerful as an 8-weight, this fast-action Helios 2 6-weight 9' fly rod handles anything you can dream up, with power to spare. Think we're exaggerating? From light steelhead action to dry flies from drift boats, the 906-4 fast action 6wt. Helios 2 will pounce on the opportunity to prove us right. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

Why would we take the world's best fly rod and change it? The answer is simple. We're driven by constant improvement. Put this rod in your hands and feel the rush. You'll completely understand.

  • 20% stronger than the original Helios
  • 20% lighter in hand
  • 100% increase in tip-impact strength
  • Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power

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    • 5/5

      superb buy - 11/5/2015
      By: from Argentina

      love this rod. light and powerful, nice presentation. another Orvis goal !!

    • 5/5

      My new favorite rod! - 2/20/2015
      By: from Kirkland, WA

      I've always been a big fan of Orvis rods and own two Access, a SuperfineTouch, and the new Recon in weights ranging from 3 wt to 8 wt. All are great rods. But, I have to say that my Helios-2 6 wt. is the most impressive. Casting streamers and double nymph rigs on this rod feels incredibly smooth and easy. Yet, despite its power, i can change to a 4x leader and fish dry flies in the late afternoon with surprising finesse and control. It is a truly great rod for mid-to-large size streams and shoreline fishing on lakes. I would highly recommend this rod to any serious angler looking for high performance, quality, and value.

    • 5/5

      H2 six weight tip flex - 6/3/2014
      By: from North Bend, WA

      This is the second H2 6 weight tip felx I have purchased. It has quickly become our favorite rod for all purpose fishing in Washington and Montana. Great with Dry flies and nymphing.

    • 5/5

      Phenomenal Rod - 6/2/2014
      By: from Golden, CO
      Top 100 Contributor

      These Helios 2 rods have racked up so many 5 star reviews, I don't know what else can be said. This is my 2nd Helios 2 paired with a Mirage reel. All I can say is that this 6wt matched with the Mirage reel are a phenomenal combination for doing a little bank robbing with big ugly flies. "Fins Up Mr. Trout " !

    • 5/5

      Love it - 3/13/2014
      By: from Thorntown, Indiana
      Top 1000 Contributor

      I was recently at the Boat Sport and Travel Show in Indianapolis where I got to cast a Helios 2 906 tip flex rod. I couldn't believe how good it felt just to have in my hand. I then I started throwing out line with pinpoint accuracy and distance that I didn't know I was possible for me. I thought man this is an incredible rod so I came home from the show and order one. Oh and it looks really cool with my name on it to so be sure and get it personalized.

    • 5/5

      Ask questions...it helps!!! - 1/13/2014
      By: from South Dakota

      I was unsure on what type of rod, line, etc. for best performance for the fishing I do, so I visited with one of the Orvis reps and he was extremely helpful in determining my selection...very understanding and a great resource. Aided my buying decision.

    • 4/5

      Never disappointed with a Helios. - 8/14/2013
      By: from Shenandoah Valley
      Top 250 Contributor

      Of the nine fly rods I've owned, Orvis rods have by far been the bulk. They never seem to disappoint. From the super soft action on the Superfine Touch to the big fly hurling tip of the ZG Helios 7wt, I've been happy with every one. The 9' 6wt tip flex H2 was right on time. The 5th of my Helios rods it does a wonderful job of punching out big streamers (with accuracy) and big buggy bass fly. I paired it with a Hatch Finatic 4+ reel to be my go to outfit for high dirty water days for trout, any day on smallie water or hitting largemouths.

    • 5/5

      Love it so far! - 7/27/2013
      By: from Lampe, Mo

      I got the outfit with the Mirage III reel after attending you Fly Fishing School at Dogwood Canyon. I got to cast the Mid-Flex rod in 5-weight at the school and loved it. After talking to Neal, I decided on the 6-weight tip flex so that I could turn over larger flies. I have only cast it on some of our local pond and lakes for small-mouth bass so far and I must say that really does turn over large streamers and poppers very well. It also is excellent when casting into the wind, even when using these large heavy flies. It also has a serious backbone when it comes to fighting fish. I caught a four pound 7 oz small-mouth that was in a serous mood to fight. The Helios 2 made it easy. I just can't wait to get it on the Gunnison after some monster Cutbows! Thank you Orvis for a wonderful rod with a lot of power and some serious backbone.

    • 5/5

      Great Rod - 6/17/2013
      By: from Grayling, Michigan

      Beautiful rod, throws very tight loops. Super accurate, responsive, and loads well at all distances.


    Best in Class, as judged by the Gear Institute, 2012
    Recipient of an Editor's Choice Award from Fly Fusion magazine, 2012
    Winner of Fly Fisherman magazine's Best New Rod Series award, 2013
    Winner of Men's Journal Gear of the Year Award, 2012.
    Winner of American Angler's Gear of the Year Award as one of the best new fly-fishing products chosen by the magazine's editorial staff.
    Trout and Salmon Recommends for 2013. Recipient of "Recommended for 2013" award from Trout & Salmon magazine.

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