Helios 2 7-weight 11' Fly Rod—Tip Flex

This 7 weight switch fly rod covers a wide range of situations.


4⅞ oz. 11', 4-piece, Tip Flex fly rod for 7-wt. line.

The sun's glow peeks over the misty horizon, imminent and immense. In front of you is liquid glass, the only movement the occasional wave lapping the cobbles beneath your feet. Salt is in the air. Just as soon as you find solitude on this stretch of beach, a betraying swirl points to the existence of fish. As you reach both hands over your head to cast into the blue-gray water, thoughts of your job, your responsibilities, and your worries vanish. In that moment, all you care about are the fish, whatever they may be. Get 11 feet closer to discovery. Let the Helios 2 be your guide. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

Why would we take the world's best fly rod and change it? The answer is simple. We're driven by constant improvement. Put this rod in your hands and feel the rush. You'll completely understand.

  • 20% stronger than the original Helios
  • 20% lighter in hand
  • 100% increase in tip-impact strength
  • Fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power

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    • 5/5

      Perfect steelhead rod. - 1/12/2015
      By: from Ashtabula, Ohio

      I recently purchased the 11 foot 7 weight switch for the purpose of steelheading on the great lakes tributaries. The first day out I knew the rod was perfect. It loads effortlessly, and when indicator fishing or nymphing it roll casts beautifully. I use the same rod to swing streamers n paired with the right line and tip there isn't a better all around rod for steelhead. I'm going back to get the 10 food 8 wt h2 for single hand steelhead and salmon fishing. Oh, and when I'm asked what kind of rod I'm using I get the same response every time, ooooooooooooh! Worth every penny!

    • 5/5

      Extremely Versatile - 12/15/2014
      By: from Northern California

      Steelhead are fish in an ever changing environment. An angler pursuing such a fish not only needs to be versatile and adapt to different water conditions but also needs the proper tool to do so. Want to skate a dry in the morning? Or dredge a bunny leech with T-14? How 'bout lob an indicator rig to the far seam across the river? No problem. This rod can easily handle any situation that comes its way for most small to medium sized rivers. I've found this rod can handle a great variety of lines in a pretty large grain window. I've experimented with a variety of skagit, scandi and switch lines in the 420-510 grain window and the rod performed flawlessly chucking big flies with an intermediate skagit head, and delicately placing dries with a floating scandi... Truly impressive. Another great aspect of the rod is sensitivity. Due to the lightweight construction and materials, I can easily feel minute current pressures, telling me to make changes in line and rod position, controlling the speed of the swing. Overall, this micro-spey/switch rod is super-light, balanced, and has great sensitivity while maintaining strength. This is a seriously versatile Steelhead rod!!!

    • 5/5

      Amazing experience - 10/28/2014
      By: from PA

      HELIOS 2 7wt switch. This rod was advised to me by Marlton, NJ retail Store fly fishing manager. He was %100 RIGHT! Recently I have been fishing at Pulaski, NY. I don't want to go deep into details (casting, mending, drift, stripping and etc.). The major part of that rod: 1. lightest switch rod on market; 2. can hold salmon and steelhead on sizes 30" - 40"; 3. not stiff for smaller fish; 4. and the last one (for yours fisherman soul) - you will not believe how many times I heard: "O..O..O..O.. HELIOS2!!!" That "O..O..O..O.." make you feel good... This is not a simple rod, this is my fishing partner!

    • 5/5

      Beats the competition, two hands down... - 7/10/2014
      Top 500 Contributor

      This is such a great switch/short Spey rod. It is much lighter and more responsive than the other brands that I have tried. One of my guides was so impressed when he tried it, that I didn't think I was going to get it back from him. Two handed casting is so much fun and swinging flies for steelhead, salmon, and big trout is such a blast with this outfit (the Mirage reel is a perfect companion to this rod). Great product.

    • 5/5

      Thing of Beauty - 1/23/2014
      By: from San Jose, CA
      Top 10 Contributor

      Ridiculously lightweight, effortless casting, and tons of power... just an awesome switch rod. I use this for steelhead fishing in mid-to-large rivers in addition to saltwater striper fishing and perch fishing in the surf. Lightweight so you can cast it and high-stick all day and not get fatigued, super-smooth and easy to cast which comes in handy throwing large streamers and heavy steelhead indicator rigs. I definitely foresee this as the last 7-wt. switch rod I ever buy.

    • 5/5

      Light Artillery - 11/23/2013
      By: from Spring Creek Country, PA
      Top 500 Contributor

      We took this rod out to chase some great lakes steelhead. This rod performed well across the board. From high stick nymphing (euro) to swinging streamers. This rod was sensitive enough to pick up the softest take and strong enough to handle the hardest hit and run. This rod is light in the hand but an absolute cannon. What a pleasure to cast.

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