No Stink Dog Collar

Eliminate the smell of a stinky wet collar with these waterproof dog collars.


Eliminate dog collar odour with this 100% waterproof collar that won't harbor odourproducing bacteria. Regardless of what your dog likes to get into, these collars will hold up against the smell. Our collars are designed to look great whilst being extremely rugged, extremely easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Enjoy hugging your dog without the smell of a stinky wet collar. Urethane coated polyester. Washable.
Sizes S(11"-13"), M(12½ "-17").


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  • 3/5

    good and bad - 2/12/2015
    By: from new york

    this is a great product but.... i have small dogs so there wasn't enough holes in the collar plus there was so much extra hanging out and no clamp of some sort to keep it down. so now they have this collar and about 5 inches that always sticks out. i don't want to cut it but might have too. it is a shame becouse it is a nice collar. i have 3 dogs and it the same on all of them...

  • 4/5

    The concept is good but the sizing is a problem. - 11/15/2014
    By: from Buckinghamshire

    Re sizing: If your dog need a size 20 inch collar then medium is too small and large is too big with the end flapping outwards.

  • 5/5

    Love this collarj - 11/14/2014
    By: from Surrey, England

    Brilliant collar. I have 2 Golden Retrievers who love swimming and soaking in muddy puddles. I have a red and also an orange.They rinse clean and dry quickly. No doggy smell. Well worth the money!

  • 5/5

    No stink dawg collars - 6/19/2014
    By: from Denver, CO

    I bought two collars and wished I would have ordered the medium size for a better fit. Maybe the next time I need to re-order, there will be more color choices. The red is more of a burgundy and the green color is right on target.

  • 5/5

    My turn for a cool collar! - 4/30/2014
    By: from Georgia

    Hey y'all, my name is Scout. I'm a chocolate lab-hound mix from Georgia. Two years ago my family adopted another chocolab-mix rescue named Lulu. (WHY? We didn't need another dog! I'm enough! Come on, people!) Anyway, Lulu got a brand-new No Stink Dog Collar from Orvis her first week in the house. (Seriously???) She likes to eat you-know-what and roll in dead things (wasn't MY idea to adopt her!) and my Mommy likes that she can clean the collar easily. Which she has to do ALL THE TIME, because Lulu is a total PIG of a dog. About a month ago, my pretty collar with the pink flower just fell off in the yard. I told Mommy to get an Orvis collar last time, but she wanted the silly one from some pet store. Guess she learned her lesson. So I heard she and Daddy talking about a new collar for me (YAAAAY ME!). Mommy said she really liked Lulu's and wanted to get me a No Stink Collar. But mine would be red, and bigger. (Bigger = better, duh.) I ran across the room and leaned on her leg, rubbing my head to show my agreement. As Queen of this house, I deserve a new, glorious No Stink Collar. Don't you agree?? The day it came in the mail, Mommy was SO excited. She put it on me, clapped her hands, and said I was the most beautiful dog ever (awwww). Lulu was envious and tried to get Mommy's attention by barking and hopping around like a whacked-out furry frog. Didn't work - HA HA. So, I've had the collar a few weeks, and I gotta admit - I'm rockin' it. The dark red looks great with my brown fur, and the size large leaves plenty of room for expansion (I have to wear my collar looser in the winter to allow for my mounds of luscious fur). So thanks, Orvis people, for the great collar! Now I've got to go play tug-of-war with Lulu. Then take a nap. She likes to curl up next to me and tuck her head under my head. Not that I secretly like her or anything.

  • 5/5

    Great product - 11/11/2013
    By: from VA

    This is the 2nd no-stink collar I bought in one year- incredible durability, easy to scrub clean (literally), doesn't stretch, no stich comes undone and NO SMELLS NO MATTER WHAT. The only reason I'm buying the 2nd one in 1yr is because our AmStaff does agility and trains 4x/week and is always in the water/mud/leaves and even though the 1st collar is still in use and looks good, I like to have a new shiny one for the Holidays. Best collar ,we do not use any other.

  • 2/5

    Not as expected - 11/5/2013
    By: from Bucks

    I ordered the red collar which isn't a vibrant red as the picture shows. More of a muted grubby red. Ordered a small for my Patterdale terrier so the correct size but end of the collar is a bit long and sticks out. Will probably replace it eventually. Couldn't be bothered to send it back. Shame!

  • 5/5

    No Stink Dog Collar - 12/15/2012
    By: from Saratoga, CA

    This is the second "no stink" collar we have purchased. This red one is for Christmas and the original one now 7 months old is fantastic. Our Black Lab now longer has a stinky collar after sneaking a dip in the pool. And when the collar gets a little dirty, Bar Keepers friend works wonders to re-establish the colors to near new. We will not buy any other brand collar ever!!!

  • 3/5

    good collar, not great fit - 12/8/2012
    By: from az

    I like the collar, but in the tightest hole, there's too much strap left that sticks way out, even though it's threaded through the provided tag holder.

  • 5/5

    Sizing - 11/27/2012

    Rather than just listing S,M,L for sizing, it would have been helpful to have an actual measurement. The first collar received was just a bit too small so had to be returned.

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